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Wikipedia editors don’t want to classify NFTs as art

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are very popular in the crypto world right now. While enthusiasts classify them as art, many still consider them to be a bubble. And the latest controversy in the space happened as Wikipedia editors said they don’t want to classify NFTs as art. This has also led them to delay the issuance of a consensus. The question started when a discussion happened on the platform on whether the most expensive NFT sales should be considered in the same way as art sales by living artists.

Is NFT an art discussion?

One of the editors at Wikipedia said that it is not really their business to decide if NFTs should be classified as art or not. The question revolved around the idea of whether NFT is an art or it is a token representing the art. After a lot of discussion 5 editors came to vote on the same, and only one was in support that NFTs should be considered as an art. All this resulted in the top NFT sales being removed as the top art sales on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia editors don't want to classify NFTs as art
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This divide in opinion can be because of the fact that while some NFTs are really good and the price paid for them is justified, a lot of them are still trash. Then there is the idea that NFTs are just in a bubble.

Enthusiasts are not happy

There are many who disagree with Wikipedia editors and think that NFTs should be classified as art. Their logic is that if Beeple can be an artist, why is his NFT sale cannot be considered art. The Wikipedia editor thinks that the best course in action is to remove NFTs from the art section for now and reopen the discussion in the future.

Many popular influencers like Nifty Gateway founder Griffin Cock Foster and also Foster’s twin brother Duncan came forward talking about the same. Griffin said, “This is pretty messed up to see – Wikipedia mods are trying to say that *no* NFT can be art — as in, if it’s an NFT, it can’t be classified as art.”

What are your thoughts as Wikipedia editors don’t want to classify NFTs as art? And do you think the controversy will make them change their decision? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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