With Dell Technologies and NTT, PhonePe launches a green data centre in India

Today PhonePe has announced its very first Green Data Center in India, leveraging solutions and technologies from Dell Technologies and NTT. Talking about the Green Data Center is set to open new opportunities in data management for PhonePe.

The initiative will manage PhonePe with more efficient data security, power efficiency, ease of operation works, and cloud solutions. Additionally, it will help the firm build sustainable and efficient infrastructure to seamlessly scale its operations across the country.

The 4.8-megawatt facility of the development occupies 13,740 sq ft at Mahape, Navi Mumbai. It is built and designed with advanced technologies. These include alternative cooling technologies like Direct Contact Liquid Cooling and Liquid Immersion Cooling.


Additionally, Dell PowerEdge servers in the data centre will offer performance, easier maintenance, and intelligent automation while consuming less energy.

The facility will consume less energy. In addition, the company’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced thanks to innovative cooling technology, saving more than 25% on power.

Burzin Engineer, co-founder, and chief reliability officer of PhonePe, spoke at the opening, “We are very excited to work with Dell Technologies and NTT to launch our first Green Data Center in India. However, the data centre will not only help in further seamlessly scaling our business but also help in reducing our carbon footprint.”

Manish Gupta, Vice President and General Manager of Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies India, commented on the initiative.

PhonePe will now create a sustainable future 

He said, “At Dell Technologies, we are committed to using technology to create a better and a more sustainable future.”

“We have been working towards reducing the carbon footprint of the essential infrastructure solutions we supply to our customers.” 

“The launch of PhonePe’s first Green Data Centre is a significant milestone on its journey to achieving its sustainability goals. We are delighted to extend our long-standing relationship with PhonePe by supporting them with our industry-leading infrastructure.”

“This deployment is an exciting showcase for the possibilities of new alternative cooling technologies that can help optimize power consumption in a data center,” stated Sharad Sanghi, Acting Senior Executive Vice President of Data Center and Marine Cable, NTT Ltd., and Managing Director, NTT Ltd. India.