#Wordle254 is the new trend on Twitter.

Wordle, it’s a sensation on the Twitter platform as it’s a cryptic colored cube and from Twitter users to celebrities, everyone is bragging about their scores on social media. Basically, it is a game designed by a software engineer named Josh Wardle, and its like a word guessing game which is inspired by the newspaper’s word game where hints are given and you have to guess the correct word but in this game, there are no hints given which makes it tougher than newspaper’s word puzzle.

At the beginning of the year 2022, the wordle game caught a lot of attention because it’s a game that doesn’t consume much of your time and is also very light-hearted and at the same time brainstorming game. Recently, Twitter is filled with #wordle254 because gamers are finding the level too easy for them. It is funny people are flexing on an easy level. Here are some of these tweets.

Players have six tries to guess a five-letter mystery word, and each time they guess a word, the game will tell you which, if any, of the letters are correct.



This ability to share one’s progress is part of the reason for the game’s popularity and becoming a daily puzzle to solve for many Wordle players.


Quite after a long time, the players get to play an easy level and if you are still stuck at level 254 then don’t worry we are not going to judge but the Twitter community will not leave you.


In mid-February 2022, the New York Times bought the viral game Wordle which upset people. The users started showing their disinterest in the game ever since it got sold. The main concern was that the game has become harder under the NYT as the game was supposed to be a light and fun game. However, NYT confirms that no changes have been done by them in the game. They have only excluded a few explicit and offending words from the system to make the game more inclusive. The good part is NYT didn’t lose its fan base and wordle is still ranking at top of the trending list.