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Xbox Game Pass October lineup includes Back For Blood

Xbox Game Pass October lineup will bring the adventure and puzzle game Procession of Calvary to both the console and the cloud PCs and the psychological first-person horror game Visage will debut the same day on consoles and PCs. Keep your eyes open for more games that come to you every day, as there is always at least one more treat in stock. Back For Blood will Release on Game Pass on October 12 which will be available via the cloud on both Xbox One and PC, is great news for Left 4 Dead fans who have been waiting for a sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 from 2009.

Xbox Game Pass October 2021 lineup

Credit @ Xbox

Eight current games make up half of the October lineup, with another set of titles to be announced soon. For this month, I am confident that we have given at least one game that fits the taste of the month. In addition, there are a few big names like Day of One, which will be released this month, as well as a few games that have left the service.

Microsoft has announced the first Xbox Game Pass series for October and includes eight games, one of which is already available. This year are included the most anticipated 2021 Xbox games in the service, with Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 coming to the market. Xbox Wire has confirmed that the next game coming into service will be among the eight titles to be released in the coming weeks.

The timing could not have been better, as October marks the start of three of the biggest months in Xbox history with amazing games launching – Age of Empires IV on October 28, Forza Horizon 5 on November 9, and Halo Infinite on December 8. Three games have already been confirmed for the day, one of which is the Xbox Game Pass game which includes a game that will only be available on the PC and another that will make its console debut on the PC, as well as an exclusive game which will be available on both the Xbox console and the PC. Seven new games for October 2021 explained to PlayStation Plus in October 2021, including The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 8, and Fallout 76.

Xbox Game Pass October 2021 lineup

Credit @ Xbox

There are hundreds of high-quality Xbox games, including third-party multiplayer games, older AAA titles, indie projects, Microsoft Xbox games, and pretty much everything else in between. Over 100 games, including many older titles released over the years on Xbox Live as well as some brand new Day-One titles, and this is one of the biggest attractions for Microsoft and the Xbox Game Pass service. Our best deals on games every month as Microsoft adds titles to its premium service and removes them.

Microsoft loves to throw bundled games on the service, months before their announcements hit the stage. I am not aware of any games that have been omitted and they have not announced which games will be canceled in October. Their service rotates through the games in their library, so I would expect a few games to be removed.

Xbox is offering a trial price of $1  for the first month of their Ultimate Game Pass membership, which mixes Live Gold with the membership for online gaming and Game Pass streaming, and here’s the trick: you’ll convert all the remaining Xbox Live Gold after one month when you leave your Ultimate Membership account.

Xbox Game Pass October 2021 lineup

Credit @ Back For Blood

With the diverse range of games available for console and PC on Xbox Game Pass, you can hardly go wrong – but there are a few titles that stand out from the rest, including outstanding indie games, addictive multiplayer games, expansive AAA games, and Microsoft first-party games. Here are a few games we missed last week, from new releases to obscure ones. Relive the series that has proven that First Person Shooter can work on consoles or work your way through it with this collection of the first six Halo games for the first time.

Microsoft has signed a deal with Electronic Arts that includes Electronic Arts Play on Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style subscription service that allows you to download hundreds of games to your Xbox and PC for $10 a month, and it’s a subscription that includes Electronic Arts’s own subscription service and dozens of classics from the last three generation consoles. The Xbox Game Pass is also included in the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate One subscription. The pass provides players full access to Game Pass on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles, Game Pass for PC, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Project xCloud Play. In addition, thanks to the power of the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta and the Xbox App, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play more than 100 Xbox console games on their PCs without waiting for downloads.



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