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Xbox Will Host Another Indie Games Showcase On August 10Th

Xbox Will Host Another Indie Games Showcase On August 10th

Credit @ Xbox

Microsoft and the official Xbox Twitter account announced today that the Xbox will hold a second Independent Games Show on August 10. In an official post on the Microsoft Xbox website, the company tells fans that they can expect new announcements and the latest news about Xbox Game Pass on the official Xbox channel live on Twitch. Xbox and Microsoft present a whole range of exciting indie games. Microsoft announced that the second Indie games showcase on Twitch and Xbox is to go live at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET on August 10, 2015. Once the river starts, you can watch the event on the channel at 12 noon on August 10.

On the Xbox Twitch channel, the show will air on the Twitch Gaming channel. If you are interested you will be able to watch the showcase via a Livestream or VOD Last year. Fans of the Indie Worlds Showcase were unveiled some of the most important indie games coming to the Switch, including the over-popular PC title Spelunky.

The showcase will be filled with announcements and brand-new games by publishers and developers such as Dear Villager, Curve Digital, Devolver, and Digital Drinkbox Studios. The second indie game showcase from Twitch and Xbox will contain a ton of independent titles, according to Microsoft.

Xbox Will Host Another Indie Games Showcase On August 10th

Credit @ Xbox

Back in March, the Xbox and Twitch teams hosted an indie gaming showcase. The event was packed with trailers for upcoming games and announcements of new games, and it was a good enough first show for the platforms to warrant a second try. The first Twitch showcase in March wasn’t one of the most notable gaming opportunities in the months that followed.

If you’re a fan of indie games, buckle up, as fans will soon see some new work from independent developers on Xbox. On Tuesday, you can expect to hear about a number of other games that will be available for the. Game Pass, but. Game Pass is not the only notable gaming event that takes place this month.

There will be updates to games such as Olliolli World and Artful Escape. The same goes for RPG Time Library and Ruina, to name only a few Xbox Game Pass news, announcements, talks, live demos, and everything else you haven’t been excited about. There will also be updates to new titles that have yet to be announced, such as The OlliOlli World and The Artful Escapes. During the stream, fans will also get to know the platforms on which the games will be released. European game publisher Nacon will stage its own, direct-to-consumer event in 2021 to draw attention to the upcoming games.



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