Y Combinator’s Winter Batch of 21: 14 Indian start-ups selected

Credits: https://rb.gy/uojkbm

Y Combinator is a start-up accelerator based in the United States of America and it helps start-ups to accelerate during their early stage which gives them a push a direction to grow. Every year Y Combinator selects two batches of companies that it will help become successful businesses.

Very Soon, the start-up accelerator company is conducting its winter batch of 2021 which will start from January and end in March.

This year, Y Combinator has selected a total of 14 Indian start-up companies considering their strong business model and prospects for the future. According to sources, four of the selected start-ups from India are Financial Technology of fintech companies, another set of four companies offer SaaS (Software as a Service). In another report, it was revealed that four of these companies were also funded. However, this list of 14 selected Indian start-up is just an initial list, many more businesses will be included in this list as the Winter batch approaches in January.


Y Combinator has a reputation in the market for being extremely effective in boosting initial start-up ventures. It is supposed to be a three months long accelerator programme which becomes too intense and most effective. The programme is held only two times a year and is divided into two batches, a summer batch and a winter batch.

The start-up booster has provisions to fund small companies, provide them with financial aid if they need it, creates a strong management team for the company and finally mentors the business owners on how to go about and run their companies, deal with investors, negotiate deal pricing etc. for maximum profits and efficient results.

Credits: https://rb.gy/c0ip8x

As per reports, Y Combinator has till now selected over 100 Indian start-ups that have raised an approximate figure of $900 million from investors in fundraisers. However, not all of these companies are made public, out of the 100, for instance, only 79 companies have gone public, rest are still under secrecy.

Khatabook- an accounts bookkeeping platform, Cleartax- a financial tech company, Meesho-social platform for commerce are all participants of the Y Combinator’s start-up accelerator programme and as of today, these financial technology companies are making the headlines.

The start-up accelerator has selected 14 Indian companies for its Y Combinator winter batch of 2021, some of them are Cashbook, Bueno Finance, Fifth Try, FanPlay, Kiranakart, GroMo, YourQuote, SigNoz, Pit.Ai, Prescribe and many more.