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Yaatra AR game launched in partnership with Jio

AR games are becoming more popular as smartphone cameras are becoming more capable. And now Krikey has launched the Yaatra AR game for free on both Android and iOS. To play the game, one needs to install the Krikey app and start enjoying the game on that. The game provides an immersive experience and is filled with puzzles, action-adventure gameplay and more. And since Jio was the primary investor in the game, Jio-users will get some special options.

About the Yaatra AR game

Yaatra AR game

Image Source: TechRadar

Krikey is an AR gaming app available on both Android and iOS. And the Yaatra game is available within the app. The company focuses on making true to life games with a  touch of reality. According to the developers of Yaatra AR game:

 “players can step into the action-adventure story of Yaatra and join the quest to defeat a monster army. Using weapons such as the bow and arrow, chakra, lightning and fire bolts, players can battle through different levels of combat and puzzle games.”


Image Source: NDTC Gadgets 360

Do you know what the best part about the game is? The integration with Google Maps. This helps in bringing a much more real experience and will make the experience of completing mission like in the real world. If we can compare it with something, then it will probably be like Pokemon Go.

The game will also have the option to make video content and share it directly with one’s friends. As for Jio users, they will have the option to get exclusive abilities, weapons, powers and tokens. The game seems promising with a lot of features and might do well in the growing market of Augmented Reality games.

Do you think playing an AR game makes sense? If yes, then did you like Yaatra or maybe you have any other favourite game in mind. Whatever it is, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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