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In Crowded Online Travel Industry, YatraGenie is Growing From Strength To Strength !


Cab Booking Industry

Recently, Cab booking industry is witnessing huge investment in Radio Cab booking segment. The Taxi service market is projected to significantly grow in the coming years. Clearly the market is underserved and there is still room for new players that can innovate and serve customers better, not just in metro cities but also in two tier cities.

YatraGenie.com is one of India’s leading online bus ticketing and cab booking platform. Established in the year 2013 by Renil Komitla, YatraGenie provides a one stop travel solution to customers looking for a budget travel. The company which is headquartered out of Bangalore has gross revenue of about 50 crores and currently has 7 lakh unique users. YatraGenie is recording 3000+ bookings a day.

YatraGenie.com, a travel portal by Paxterra Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, provides world-class travel experience to the people of India. Paxterra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fast growing services company with a workforce of 750+ employees, most of them working from the Bangalore headquarters with other offices in San Jose, California and Richardson, Texas. The company was founded by Mr.Renil Komitla (President and CEO) in 2008, with a strong portfolio of customer engagements from telecom, manufacturing, semiconductors, transportation, insurance, retail, oil and gas, sports, travel and tourism, hospitality, banking and entertainment industries.

YatraGenie believes in providing the best service at the best price to its customers. YatraGenie which works on a commission based business model is known for its hassle free and low cost bus ticketing service.

YatraGenie has taken all security measures into consideration in line with the norms mandated by the RTA authorities. The mandates include GPS tracking system, panic button and background check for certified drivers and live tracking. YatraGenie also has plans to provide customized tours and travel packages to its customers.

Technology Enabled Expansion

YatraGenie currently offers its services across 32 cities and towns. The service is available across all districts in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. In the year 2015, YatraGenie has launched cab booking services in Bangalore, Nellore, Tirupathi, Kavali and Vijayawada. YatraGenie is operating cab services in Andhra Pradesh with an approved radio taxi license and in Bangalore under the city-taxi scheme. YatraGenie has plans to expand its cab portfolio in 100+ cities across Pan India. Bookings can be done via the online portal www.yatragenie.com and also via android based mobile devices using the YatraGenie app.  Apart from web and app bookings, customers can reach out to the call centre by dialling <area code> 20 20 20 20.

As of August 23rd YatraGenie has served 1,50,000 cab rides.

At YatraGenie, technology  plays a primary role in customer acquisition, providing cost leadership and enabling data informed decisions. The IT department helps in providing insights into past and present trends and predictive trends with supporting data for better planning, introspection for any course corrective measures, providing inputs for better business planning, guidance for targeted marketing and customer connect.

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About the Founder

Founder member of Paxterra Software Solutions, Renil Komitla is a leader, a dreamer, an idea accelerator and a sharp executer. Backed with a plethora of experience from his stints at CISCO, STOKE , Wichorus and an exemplary vision began the journey of a successful entrepreneur.

A dreamer, who believed in giving wings to his long cherished aspirations, started Paxterra in 2008 offering a distinguished array of services primarily in the IP/Wireless, development Testing automation and support services. Paxterra since then has established a strong foothold in the industry and niche market it was aimed to cover under his able and clinical leadership. What started off as a dream is currently standing tall with growing revenue of 100 crores and an in house talent pool of over 650+ employees.

Renil Komitla- Founder

Renil Komitla- Founder

Touted as a leader with a strategic bent of mind, his foray into the Travel industry was perceived as a gamble by many. Notwithstanding the fact that he was a Techie, Travel was an area Renil was able to foresee immense potential. Being the perseverant person he is often referred to as, he introduced Komitla Services in Nellore in the year 2003. This was also Renil’s way of giving back to his hometown that was plagued with negligible commuting services.

Armed with an inherent knack for keen observation and market intelligence, Renil ventured into ecommerce via the launch of Yatragenie. An online travel portal, Yatragenie has steadily moved up the ladder alongside its established competitors like a breeze owing to the competent vision coupled with his out of the box thinking abilities. Exposure to international transportation models and the ease of use delivered to end customers prompted him to come up with a concoct of brick-and-mortar and software ingredients which is YatraGenie today.

Renil’s ideology for triumph has always been insightful thinking, meticulous planning and keen detailing. His mantra that has cascaded to every employee in his realm is Precision, Perseverance and Perfection. Equipped with exceptional ideas and the zeal to achieve, Renil’s dream has just begun…..

The Future Plans 

As of date, YatraGenie.com is covering most of the major Indian cities for bus travel and radio taxi services to certain segments of south India, with a vision to penetrate into rest of India with a model that is beneficial to the customer base and operators. In the coming months, YatraGenie will expand its services in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. YatraGenie is currently present across 32 cities and towns. By the end of 2015, YatraGenie aims to expand to 100 cities. The company is poised to expand services into airlines, hotels and logistics management by end of the fiscal year 2015-16.









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