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YouTube co-founder does not want dislikes to be removed

YouTube TV

Jawed Karim, the co-founder of video streaming company YouTube, has spoken out against the riddance of the dislike count from videos. Since its release, the change has sparked controversy, with the announcement video featuring a disproportionate like-to-dislike rate. To be clear, the dislike button has not been deleted, but viewers will no longer be able to see how numerous dislikes a video has received. They can still use the button, but only the videotape’s creator can see the overall quantum of dislikes. Both creators and viewers have been vocal in their opposition to the change, and Karim has questioned Google’s genuine motivations. Karim expressed his studies by amending the description of the first video ever submitted to the platform, “Me at the Zoo.” A user-generated content platform’s capacity to easily and briskly identify bad content is a crucial feature,” Karim explains. “Why? Because user-generated content is not always good. It’s not possible. In verity, the maturity of stuff is not that excellent. That is OK. It was never the intention that every content be good. Still, the notion was that among the deluge of stuff, exceptional masterpieces were waiting to be discovered. And in order for it to happen, the bad things have pushed to the side as quick as possible.”



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