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Youtuber Tim Pool thinks 1 BTC will be worth $1 million

Bitcoin price predictions are generally wild (anything above $300k). Do note that saying it’s wild doesn’t mean necessarily impossible or unlikely. It just means that the idea of having a Bitcoin worth $1 million is insane. And this is what the journalist/Youtuber/political commenter, Tim Pool, had to say. He thinks 1 BTC will eventually be worth $1 million. This goes in line with Michael Saylor’s statement that BTC will be worth $1 million and even $5 million in the future.

Tim Pool on Bitcoin

Tim Pool is a well-known personality and has always been good at debate. He has also been a former member of Vice media. Now he is mostly on Youtube and Podcasts, and his latest show, “Timcast IRL,” has been catching attention. In the show, he discusses politics, government, finance, and more everyday stuff. And lately, he has been talking more about the American Economy and the buckling supply chain.

title Youtuber Tim Pool thinks 1 BTC will be worth $1 million

He is also a fan and an investor in Bitcoin and feels terrible when people reject the idea of crypto altogether. After the new ATH of BTC was established, he also said that BTC would also be worth $1 million in the future. And the price target completely makes sense due to a few factors. First is the never-ending inflation rates secondly we have ever-increasing demand and finally the limited supply.

Tim also shared the story of a local guy who became a millionaire who invested in Bitcoin a few years ago and just forgot about it. And that is how it should be, one needs the patience to make money in this investment asset but they definitely will.

Cryptocurrency is a positive force says, Tim

Tim also thinks of crypto as a positive force as it is out of anybody’s control. And as usual, the government will try to control it. Tim also shared that in the early days he passed on BTC just like many people are passing on it now. But at present he also owns Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Cardano apart from Bitcoin. He believes that Bitcoin brings greater freedom to the masses and can also save free speech. It allows people to store value outside of the feds and any regulation.

What are your thoughts on Tim Pool saying that 1 BTC will be worth $1 million eventually? And do you think this target is too optimistic? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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