Zoho Lends Development Expertise To Organisations Fighting COVID

Founder and CEO of the Zoho Corporation, Sridhar Vembu, announced on Saturday that the company would be its offering creative services free of cost to organizations developing apps and websites in the fights against novel coronavirus. 

The Chennai-based Software giant has previously made its Remotely work-from-home toolkit open to all users. Now, through its COVID-19 App Program, the company is offering to build free web and phone based apps that could assist in the worldwide struggle against the pandemic. 

The program will be made available until the 30th of June 2020, and is open to strictly noncommercial organizations, such as governments, non-profit, and community organizations, focused on the fight against the virus. This will extend to communities and entities involved in maintaining essential supplies, distributing food and providing shelter.

The package offered by Zoho will include its low-code platform, as well as application building expertise. The platform can help develop solutions for contact tracing, patient management or inventory tracking. 

Since being one of the first organizations in its industry to implement WFH policies, Zoho, with Sridhar Vembu at the helm, has not hesitated in its adaption to the changing times.