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Zoho Offers Its Remotely Toolkit Free Of Cost To Help Tackle Coronavirus

Zoho announced on Friday that in an attempt to tackle the spread of the Coronavirus through interactions in office and workspaces, it will be offering its Remotely Toolkit to customers, free of cost. 

The Chennai-based office suite provider made the announcement only days after it implemented a work from home policy for its own employees. The company states that till the virus is brought under control, over 8000 employees across 10+ countries will be working from safety of their homes.

Through Remotely, Zoho will provide its clients with a host of apps to help facilitate uninterrupted business communication. These range from video/voice call facilities, as well as collaboration tools such as Workdrives. 

(Image: Zoho.com)

Zoho’s own work from home policy means that clients will still be able to avail assistance from a cloud-based support team. 

Zoho aren’t however, the only entity taking steps to mitigate the effect of health concerns on business efficiency. Cisco too, have implemented work from home policies, as have various large tech houses.

In the midst of worldwide health and safety worries, the company and its team once again shows its agility and tenacity, as well as its prioritization of its shareholders’ safety. 



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