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Zuckerberg says that employee attrition will make Facebook better
Meta CEO discussed employee attrition with analysts on a conference call.

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According to Zuckerberg, employee attrition will make Facebook even better
Source: New York Post

Reports from this specify how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted to the fact that several Facebook employees are leaving their jobs. However, he does not see this exodus as a particularly negative thing. He said that this type of ‘volatility’ that businesses suffer from is not necessarily ‘unhealthy’ in his opinion. In a conference to call to discuss the first quarter results of Facebook, he revealed his thoughts stating that it specified that the company has all ‘the right people.’

Reports specified how the social media company, for long, has been suffering from retention issues. Moreover, certain tech workers stated how the social media platform can be a significant ‘black mark’ on their respective CVs.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg stated that employee attrition can ultimately make sure that the correct type of people are with the company. Clearly, the company requires this ‘right kind’ of workers as it gets on the risky road in the process of developing the ‘Metaverse.’

In the call, the Meta CEO specified how the company witnessed a serious drop in the level of attrition during the pandemic as employees did not want to risk taking new jobs. This, as he said, indicated that several of these people remained in the company who possibly did not care about what they ‘were doing.’ Additionally, he pointed how he was simply ‘trying to lead’ the firm to develop the ‘future of social interaction,’ along with the Metaverse.

“During Covid we saw the level of attrition drop a lot because people didn’t want to get new jobs which probably meant a lot of people stayed in the company who didn’t care so much about what we were doing, compared to what we would have liked,” added Zuckerberg.

Additionally, the chief financial officer of Facebook, David Wehner mentioned how such ‘attrition had intensified’ since the pandemic reached its peak. He insisted how its rather highly ‘consistent’ with the amount of people who would leave the social media company prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moreover, Zuckerberg noted though the social media giant was still hiring extensively, they are still determined to move people around the company. Especially, where ‘priorities shift,’ such as that of Reality Labs metaverse division, along with intelligence teams and, artificial and machine learning. Hence, Facebook-parent Meta has employees just under the figure of 78,000, about 38% up from last year. Reportedly, Zuckerberg is working to add numerous more in the figure of thousands. He went on to say how with the attrition constantly shifting, the company is doing ‘fine,’ and will emerge as a ‘better’ one.