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100 Thieves Is Developing A Video Game

The LA-based organization 100 Thieves, is making the video game, which will be developed with the help of 100 Thieves pros, content creators, and the community. John Robinson says that their game, which is entirely their own, is going to be developed with the help of pro players in the organization, content creators such as CouRage and Valkyrae, and the community themselves.

100 Thieves Video Game

Credit @ 100 Thieves

“Over the next couple of years, we are going to be making a game”, announced 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot, while COO John Robinson added they are looking at making the game together with the creators and our community. In the video below, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot and COO John Robinson explain they were looking for a new endeavor outside of the world of eSports, and have settled on making a game. With no limits on the 100 Thieves ambitions, 100 Thieves has gone from being a bandwagon organization to an esteemed global esports organization, to a content mogul, and now a game developer, as founder Matthewnadeshot Hagg and President John Robinson revealed their latest endeavor.

Dubbed 100 Thieves Project X, Matthew Nadeshot and John Robinson revealed that it will incorporate contributions from 100 Thieves creators, competitors, and community members. Another aspect of 100 Thieves Project X to which 100 Thieves called attention was a focus on engaging an esports organization and their community with the development of the game. Not too much was revealed about its first-ever video game, but in the nine-minute video that announced the game, CEO Matthew Nadeshot Haag and COO/President John Robinson explained the company will try to work collaboratively with the 100 Thieves creators and pro players.

In a new video released today by the esports organization, Nadeshot and John Robinson revealed the company is working on a first-of-its-kind title, but other details on the project are impossibly sparse. Robinson said in the announcement video that 100 Thieves has not even decided on the genre of video game it is going to be, though Nadeshot suggested they do indeed have ideas for what that game would be.

100 Thieves insisted their latest endeavor will not just be a side project in the organization, and that they plan on having their development team continually building upon the success of a title. 100 Thieves will be doing this through a project called Project X, 100 Thieves are turning a new leaf, looking to also get into game development. While the information about the game is still very sparse, we’ll make sure to update this article as we get closer to a full-fledged announcement.



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