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3 Ways! How to Remote Access Android Phone without Knowing

There are times when you may need to access someone else’s Android phone without them getting to know. The target user can either be your child, your partner, or your employee. Basically, parents may need to remotely access the Android phone of their child to ensure their safety, you may wish to do the same with your partner to make sure that they are not cheating on you, and you may want to access your employees phones to check if they are being productive during the working hours. If you are concerned about any of these situations, this article will be very useful to you. Check out the below methods to know how to remote access Android device without the target owner getting to know.

1. Remote Access Someone’s Android Phone with KidsGuard Pro 

The best way to gain remote access to the Android device and monitor the activities on it is by using KidsGuard Pro. This app comes with powerful monitoring features that allow a user to remotely monitor the target device without the owner getting to know it. With KidsGuard Pro you just need to access the target device once for monitoring it.


This app comes with a set of powerful features that are given below:

  • 15+ social media activity records: You can monitor the app like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat and so on.
  • Location tracking: This app is inbuilt with GPS that helps you track the target device’s location remotely. You can even find the location history of the target device through this app. With the geofencing feature, a virtual boundary can be created and if the target device user crosses this boundary, you would get notified.
  • Phone files access: You can gain instant access to all the phone files including call logs, messages, photos, contacts, app activities, keylogger, calendar, browser history, and video thumbnails.
  • Remote controlling: You can record phone calls, capture instant screenshots, and take secret photos on the target device without the user getting notified.
  • View deleted messages: You can view the messages through the dashboard even if the target user deleted the data on the phone. 

After reading the features above, maybe you are still skeptical about the functionality of this tool. So, why not try the function on the free Demo? KidsGuard Pro will be amazing you.

Steps to use KidsGuard Pro

Use the steps given below to know how to access Android phone from another Android phone using KidsGuard Pro.

Step 1: Use your valid email address to sign up for an account and select a suitable paid plan.

sign up

Step 2: Install this app on the target device and make the necessary changes in the settings of the device as per the given instructions. This step may take you few minutes, however, once you finish the installation, the software runs in the background and the data will be updated automatically with the use of the target phone user.

install app

Step 3: Use the username and password for the account to sign in to the online dashboard from any other device and start monitoring the target device.

online dashboard

This is how simple it is to install KidsGuard Pro and remotely access the target device.


Here are a few advantages KidsGuard Pro has over other phone monitoring apps.

  • As soon as you install the app with the necessary settings changes on the target device, the app goes incognito which means that the target device owner would not get to know about the installed phone monitoring app.
  • KidsGuard Pro is available for you for as less a price as $8.32 per month which is almost 3-4 times lesser than its competitors.
  • The entire process of installation is easy and takes only about 5 minutes.
  • All the data required of the target device gets updated on the online dashboard of the app in real-time which makes real-time monitoring possible.

    2. How to Remotely Access Android Phone with TeamViewer

You can access and control the activities on an Android device remotely through your PC by using the TeamViewer tool. If you are someone with basic tech knowledge, you can easily use this tool to remotely access an Android phone. Use the steps given below to know how to remotely access Android phone from PC. 

Step 1: Download TeamViewer and install it on your computer. Key in the unique code of the Android device.


download software

Step 2: Download TeamViewer QuickSupport app which is available on Google Play Store on the Android device. Enable all the permissions on the device as requested and enter the unique code you get on your computer.


unique id

Step 3: To allow remote monitoring, click “Allow” on the pop-up which appears on the Android phone.

 allow remote support

Step 4: After this, you can see the Android phone screen on your computer.

remote control

Once this is done, you can remotely access the target Android phone from your computer. One thing you need to note is that this way doesn’t work if you don’t want the target device user knowing you check on her/him. But don’t worry about that, in the next part there is a tool to help you to access others’ Android telephone secretly.

3. The Way to Remotely Access Android Phone with AirDroid

AirDroid is a very common app that is generally used for file transfer and resource sharing between Android devices. However, this same app can be used to remotely access an Android phone as well. Use the steps below to know how to remotely access Android phone using AirDroid.

Step 1: From Google Play Store, download AirDroid app on the target device.

Step 2: Use your login credentials to sign in to the installed app and also turn off the notifications of the AirDroid app.

Step 3: Once done, you can use the same login credentials on web.airdroid.com.

After this you can easily spy on the target Android device, provided the target user does not notice the AirDroid app installed with a different login credentials. When the target user sees the app on his/her phone, he/she will find that you are secretly monitoring. Moreover, you cannot view deleted data through this software. If you have a need for secret surveillance, it is recommended to use feature-rich KidsGuard Pro.


You may have presumed that accessing Android phone is very difficult due to the security measures taken by the developer. However, with the help of the above apps and tools, you can easily access an Android device remotely. Although all the above methods are effective, the best and the most recommended way to know how to remotely access Android phone is by using KidsGuard Pro.



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