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40 Minutes Of Diablo 4 Test Footage Has Leaked Online

From the looks of it, more than 40 minutes of gameplay footage from Diablo 4 has leaked online, giving us a rough idea of ​​what the game will look like. The new leak comes just hours after GTA 6 gameplay footage leaked online. Less than 24 hours after the GTA 6 video leaked, a new leak brings us 40 minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay.

Diablo 4

Credit @ Blizzard

The Closed Beta Test for Diablo 4 Diablo 4 is currently ongoing, with 40 minutes of gameplay video leaked online. After several leaks revealing Diablo 4’s character creation earlier this month, we now have massive leaks revealing a whopping 40 minutes of footage from the game coming soon.

Social media posts indicate that 45 minutes of footage from what appears to be (but is not confirmed) a build of Diablo 4 in development has leaked. minutes of footage from a private online alpha leak. About 40 minutes of footage from an early build of Diablo 4 was recently spotted online, showing a good look at Diablo 4, including lots of fights and some missions.

Diablo 4

Credit @ Blizzard

Alpha footage of Diablo 4 was leaked earlier, with some footage seen in August. Information is still scarce, but the leaked gameplay footage of Diablo IV is believed to have been taken from the Discord channel. Before diving into alleged Diablo IV gameplay footage, it’s worth noting that the leaks may have come from Friends & Family’s beta testing of Diablo IV. Diablo IV test gameplay footage was discovered yesterday and posted to Reddit and includes a total of 43 minutes of play from the test title in two clips. Over 40 minutes of Diablo IV footage from Diablo IV has been uploaded, apparently from a private test build, according to VGC.

As for “The Other”, the link was shared by Reddit user iV1rus0, who seems to have only found the clip, not uploaded it himself. The Diablo 4 leak appears to come from the Diablo 4 Family and Friends Test and is watermarked with a digital identification number. Due to the unprecedented loss of GTA 6, a truck loaded with Diablo 4 footage from the Diablo 4 Closed Test Build has been released online, showcasing more areas, abilities, and more.

The footage was taken from a test build of the highly anticipated RPG. Following the news of Grand Theft Auto 6, footage of an early build of Diablo 4 from Blizzard Entertainments has been posted online. For now, this footage may be the most we’ll see of Diablo 4 in a hot minute, as the game releases sometime next year, with no specific date or release window. 



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