Bryan Johnson

45-year-old, Bryan Johnson Biotech CEO pays $2 million year to obtain the physique of an 18-year-old

Tales of the fountain of youth have attracted generations of people. Still, a biotech CEO focused on reversing the effects of time may have advanced the subject more than anybody before him. A very successful software entrepreneur named Bryan Johnson believes that “Project Blueprint” enabled him to age epigenetically 5.1 years younger.

According to a recent Bloomberg story, Johnson, 45, is monitored by a team of 30 doctors and medical professionals trying to “help reverse the ageing process in each of Johnson’s organs.”The CEO of KernelCo, headquartered in California, wants to have the physique of an 18-year-old, and he plans to spend $2 million this year to make that happen.

Johnson adheres to a tightly regulated schedule and a vegan diet as part of Project Blueprint. He works out for an hour daily, eats 1,977 calories, and goes to bed simultaneously every night. At five in the morning, he starts his day with two dozen vitamins and a green juice containing collagen and creatine peptides.

Johnson’s vital signs are measured and tracked throughout the day. The 45-year-daily old’s measurements of weight, body mass index, body fat, blood glucose levels, and heart rate variability include ultrasounds, MRIs, colonoscopies, and blood tests.

The vital signs of Johnson are measured and tracked throughout the day

Tech mogul, 45, spends $2m a year to get 18-year-old body and gets erections like a teen - Mirror Online


His overnight erections, which resemble those of a teenager, are counted by a machine, according to Bloomberg. We can finally demonstrate clinically and statistically that Bryan has changed. In that case, the impact size will be so great that it will have to be caused by the intervention and go beyond what is genetically feasible. No one in the world is 45 chronologically but 35 in all of their organs, according to Zolman, speaking to Bloomberg.

Johnson explains the initiative’s origin on his Blueprint website, saying it came about “after feeling unable to stop myself from overeating to assuage life’s aches. Despite my achievements, like having three children and selling my company, Braintree Venmo, for $800 million, there was nothing I could do to prevent myself from indulging in this self-destructive activity when 7 o’clock rolled around.

“I had a Goal Alignment problem within Self. Evening Bryan was causing chaos, disrupting sleep, and ruining all other Bryans’ lives. Playfully, one day, I revoked Evening Bryan’s decision-making authority to eat food”, he added.

He commented, “My body’s 70+ organs speak for themselves through hundreds of measurements (blood, saliva, stool, fitness tests, and imaging), communicating what they need to be optimal. Freeing myself from the moment-to-moment chaos of my mind has been the most liberating experience of my life. Now, I feel happier, more alive and more fulfilled than at any time in my life. I am nicer to those around me, no longer irritable, and my mind is clear.”