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Alan Wake Remastered Arrives On The Nintendo Switch This Fall

In an anniversary video update, Remedy Entertainment confirmed Alan Wake Remastered would come to the Nintendo Switch in the fall of this year, it would be a digital-only release. As of today, though, a Switch version of Alan Wake Remastered is official, and Remedy developers have confirmed it will be a digital-only release running natively on Nintendos hardware. A Switch version of Alan Wake Remastered was previously unannounced by Remedy, but an unexpected listing that pointed towards a Nintendos release was noted last September by Brazils review website. During an Alan Wake anniversary video, Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake confirmed the news of a Nintendo Switch port of the upcoming Alan Wake remaster set to arrive this fall.

Alan Wake Remastered

Credit @ Remedy Entertainment

In a video, creative director Sam Lake confirmed that the classic would come to the Nintendo Switch, but only as a digital release, though Remedy Entertainment confirmed that Alan Wake Remastered would be running natively on the console, rather than being a cloud-based release. The sequel is going to be a complete horror-survival game, and according to Remedy creative director Sam Lake, Alan Wake 2 is going to be the best-looking Remedy game yet. Alan Wake fans unfortunately are not getting any updates about a sequel at this time, but at least there is the new TV series and the Switch version of the remastered original game. Originally released in 2010 on the Xbox, Alan Wake has been highly anticipated for the past 12 years as the game that fans love most, and requests for a sequel have been flooding into Remedy’s ears for the longest time.


According to Remedy Entertainment founder Sam Lake, Microsoft Studios wanted something different, and the sequel to Alan Wake was moved into the works on a new Remedy game. A live-action Alan Wake series plans on using concepts from a scrapped Alan Wake, while also building on the content provided by Alan Wake and American Nightmare; Contradiction Films Tomas Harlan does not expect the series to follow the game lead, and although bestselling thriller novelist Alan Wake will be the core of the show, they will be spending more time developing his companions from the games. In addition to overall improvements throughout Alan Wake, and support for 4K resolution, an Alan Wake remaster will feature both pieces of DLC, as well as a new Sam Lake commentary track. Remedy and publisher Epic Games have decided they are not showing anything big this summer.



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