Albert Einstein- The Man Behind Modern Science.

Albert Einstein is the most well known scientist the world has ever seen. Born on 14th March 1879, this great man did some real wonders in the world of science, for which human race with stay forever grateful. His works are best known for their contribution to philosophy of science. He won the noble prize in 1921, for his services to theoretical physics. Today, the entire world stands together to celebrate this great man’s 137th birthday. And on his birthday, here are 10 facts about him that the world must be aware of.

1. Einstein claims that his biggest breakthroughs came from visual experiments performed in his head, rather than his works in the labs. Such was his ingeniousness, that he could work better in his brain, rather than physically.


2. Einstein was kicked out of his school for being a slow learner. His history teacher was always annoyed at him because he could not mug up dates. Later, Einstein admitted having a bad memory. He often forgot names, places and dates.


3. His brain was stolen after his death. The pathologist who was responsible for Einstein’s autopsy took his brain and stored it in a jar for 20 years.


4. Einstein had no car. He never bothered to learn how to drive. He preferred riding a cycle.


5.Albert Einstein’s brain had a parietal lobe, which was 15% larger than normal human’s lobe. Also, when scientists tested his brains, they were shocked to see that it had degenerated much lesser than a normal 70 years old brain.


6. Einstein was still working hours before his death. He was trying to prove his Theory of Everything.


7. Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel, which he politely declined.


8. Einstein’s parrot was depressed. When Einstein was 70, he tried to cheer his up by telling him jokes.


9. Hobbies of Einstein included sailing and playing violin. He couldn’t swim at all. And weirdly, he hated wearing socks.

Albert Einstein Playing Violin

10. His first wife Mileva Maric gave birth to their illegitimate daughter Lieserl in 1902, a year before they married.


(Image Credits: Biography, goodreads, wikipedia, countercurrents, youtube)