Apple employees launch full campaign against hybrid model

Apple Inc. really seems to have brought upon it the frowns of many of its employees, after having come up with its new hybrid work model, which goes into effect starting September. As per the new work model, the tech giant has asked its employees to turn up at their workplaces at least 3 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays have been kept aside for the same as of now), citing the (supposed, and seemingly erroneous) fact that they too, must be looking forward to meeting their colleagues face-to-face.

Apparently upset over the new developments, employees at Apple had written a letter addressed directly to CEO Tim Cook, asking him to take note of the real sentiments among the firm’s staff (which, they say, are far from what the company has painted in its new order).

Apple CEO

A Full Campaign

However, that’s not all, not by a long shot. The letter isn’t really a letter at all, and instead, is more of a full-fledged effort to push back the plans for a mass return to the workplace. In their letter, the workers at the firm have demanded more flexibility and a greater incorporation of work-from-home practices in the work model.

In fact, many of the people who have signed the letter (or petition, take your pick) have said that they might have to consider letting go their jobs, seeing how Apple is adamant on getting its workers back inside the office. The letter also claims that some of the colleagues have already had to quit because they couldn’t work with the inflexible nature of the company.

Company Remains Adamant

Further, it reads that the “without the inclusivity that flexibility brings”, many of the staff are being forced to pick sides between being a part of the Apple ecosystem, or being with their families, managing their own wellness, and “being empowered” to work better.

The employees claim that this isn’t the first time that they have approached the tech giant over the issue, and that, over the course of the past year, their pleas and requests have not just been “unheard, but at times actively ignored.”

The Demands

A line in the letter reads that it “is not a petition, though it may resemble one”. This is a hint to how the original writers of the letter (who, by the way, were a small group of people onto Slack), went about gathering signatures last week. The letter reportedly demands that:

  • Apple allow individual teams to decide upon remote working.
  • A company-wide survey be set up on the topic.
  • Exit interviews have a specific question about employee churn due to remote work
  • A plan be established to accommodate disabilities, incorporating a mix of in-office work and WfH.
  • The environmental impact of in-person work be compare from that of remote working.