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Apple iPhone with USB-C mod port goes on sale for $100,000 via eBay
A $100,000 Apple iPhone with a USB-C mod port is up for grabs on eBay.

Apple iPhone with USB-C mod port goes on sale for $100,000 via eBay

Apple iPhone with USB-C mod port goes on sale for $100,000 via eBay
Image Credits: MacRumors

In October, engineering student Ken Pillonel modified an iPhone with a unique USB-C connection. He’s now selling the phone on eBay, with a starting offer of $100,100. The initial asking price was $1. In less than five days, 44 people have drove the price of the bespoke phone up by more than 100,000%.

Pillonel opted to accept the position for one simple reason. In a blog post, he stated, “I need an iPhone with USB Type-C.” “Why? Because everyone I see supports USB Type-C, converting an iPhone would be fantastic.

Pillonel finished the task using an off-the-shelf iPhone X, which was not easy. He had to reverse engineer Apple’s proprietary C94 connector circuit board in order for the phone to work. The project took days and required good soldering skills to finish, but the final result was an iPhone that could charge and transfer data over USB-C.

Nobody is a fan of Apple’s unique Lighting charging cord. USB-C is swiftly becoming the industry standard for charging devices, but Apple is refusing to change. We’ve all got a drawer full of useless cables that we think we’ll use one day.

Apple adds to the expanding tangle of cords by requiring everyone to purchase its charger, but this may be changing. The European Union voted in September to require manufacturers to use a universal charger.

Apple argued that the decision would hamper innovation, but its current iPad models charge via USB-C rather than Lightning, and Apple watchers believe the phones will follow suit.

We’re hoping that we won’t have to wait too long for USB-C iPhones that aren’t $100,000. “The money will be utilized to buy specialized equipment to take on more difficult duties,” Pillonel said in a video announcing the sale.

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