B2B Startup Ozonetel launches AI-powered Speech Analytics Dashboard


18 February 2020:

B2B Startup Ozonetel has launched an AI-powered Speech Analytics Dashboard for Call Centers. Speech Analytics is the process of analysing any voice recording using AI-based tools. This new tool from Ozonetel, will allow call center managers to track and analyse on-going calls in real time.

Ozonetel’s Live Dashboard will allow managers to monitor on-going conversationsin real-time. In case of an angry exchange, mangers can choose to intervene and diffuse such conversation swiftly. Speech Rate analysis can be used to live monitor agents’ speech rate or tone and this data can be used to improve performance. This allows managers to see if agents are keeping their speech rate within range. Soon agents too may be able to see this data live on their dashboard leading to better training and quality instantly.

Chaitanya Chokkareddy, CIO, Ozonetel, said, “This is an invaluable new tool to improve the quality of customer service. This dashboard can provide businesses with better feedback, and customers with improved service quality and faster redressal. In the future, businesses may use speech analytics to gamify call center representatives’ dashboards. The marketing department may use this data to keep a pulse on customer sentiment or to assess feedback on certain products or campaigns. Overall, with AI-powered Speech Analytics businesses can now tap into the vast data that call centers gather, leading to better services, and much happier customers.”

(Image – Ozonetel)