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Bachpan Ka Pyaar Boy Sahdev Dirdo To Launch NFTs

Instagram is full of videos of people recreating Sahdev Dirdo’s Bachpan Ka Pyaar and adding their own flavor and now the kid is entering the world of NFTs. This song has gone viral twice on TikTok, both at the beginning of the songs and in that part of the first verse has become a meme. The music was originally created by Mayur Naditya and the new version was composed by Hiten and composed by Badshah. In fact, rapper Badshah and singer Aasta Gill teamed up with Dirdo to create a remix of a song that got viral in minutes. The instant fame made Dirdo a viral meme and he stormed through the Indian reels trend.

Bachpan Ka Pyaar Boy Sahdev Dirdo NFTs

Credit @ noften_nft Instagram

Popular Bollywood singer Badshah, invited Sahdev to Delhi, after hearing this song where they performed this song. Hailing from the Naxal-affected tribal area of Sukma, the boy became an internet phenomenon after a video of “Bachpan ka Pyaar” went viral on the internet. The video was reportedly filmed in 2019 in his class by his school teacher. Bachpan Ka Pyaar Boy is now moving into NFTs.

Recently, The little boy, who was not wearing a helmet, was cycling to his village with his father when the accident happened. In his Instagram post, Dirdo shared a video of his full recovery. Sahdev took to Instagram and shared a video saying he is fine now. In December, Baadshah assured him that he would go to Raipur to see a good neurosurgeon for Dirdo. The young singer is now stepping into the world of NFT’s and Metaverse.

The 10-year-old singer is not the only one entering NFTs. Last Friday, singer Sonu Nigam teamed up with technology and digital entertainment company JetSynthesys to launch the Indian music industry’s first NFT series. The NFT series will include the single Nigams Hall of Fame, his first official English-language song. Snoop Dogg is back in the NFT world, teaming up with Babolex on Solana to release an all-new artist-inspired NFT collection. A Malaysian Taipei singer by the name of Namewee became a millionaire overnight all thanks to the sales of his NFT of satirical song Fragile.

They can also bid on any asset, own it directly by buying a piece or selling a previously acquired NFT. Items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files can be represented as an NFT. Creators and celebrities who launch their NFTs will also have the opportunity to create tailor-made live events: live meetings, launch deals, video calls, personalized message videos, and more.




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