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Best deals on 4K TVs for Black Friday Sale 2021
Best 4K TV bargains for the 2021 Black Friday Sale, read out to know more:

Best deals on 4K TVs for Black Friday Sale 2021

Best deals on 4K TVs for Black Friday Sale 2021
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Price drops for 4K TVs of various sizes and specifications occur numerous times throughout the year, but the period when we often see the greatest concentration of exceptional bargains is right now, as Black Friday arrives and Cyber Monday approaches.

If you’re looking for a TV deal, you’ve come to the right place. This includes people looking for a TV with every bell and whistle, with the highest contrast ratio and the right features to eke all of the visual splendor from PCs and the latest gaming consoles, as well as those looking for the polar opposite. We’ll also feature low-cost televisions.

Our staff at The Verge is hard at work aggregating the greatest Black Friday bargains, covering the whole spectrum of stores participating, and breaking it down by category.

If you’re not sure what you want but are eager to see the bargains, check out our roundup of the top Black Friday deals for a more comprehensive overview of the internet’s finest prices. Otherwise, go to our massive Black Friday landing page and pick your starting place.

Samsung Television Deals

  • Best Buy has reduced the price of the Samsung 55-inch Q60A QLED TV to $700 from $800. This model is also available for the same price on Amazon.
  • Best Buy has reduced the price of Samsung’s 65-inch Q80A QLED TV with full-array local dimming to $1,200 from $1,400.
  • The 70-inch TU6985 LED TV from Samsung, which is all about size and cost-effectiveness, is just $600 at Best Buy, down from $750.
  • Samsung’s The Frame, a one-of-a-kind TV that doubles as wall art and an HDR-compatible QLED, is on sale at Amazon and Best Buy. The 65-inch model costs $1,498 instead of $2,000, while the 55-inch model costs $998 instead of $1,500. Best Buy is also matching this offer, including 30 days of FuboTV Pro and the chance to save $90 on Facebook Portal TV.

Sony Television Deals

  • Best Buy is now selling the 65-inch Bravia XR X90J with full-array local dimming for improved contrast for $1,200, down from $1,500. If you only need a 50-inch TV, this exact model is available for $900 from Best Buy and Amazon.
  • Sony’s Bravia XR A80J with a 65-inch OLED display costs $1,800, down from $2,300 at Best Buy and Amazon. Sony’s much smaller OLED is now available at Best Buy. The 48-inch Sony Bravia A9S is now $1,200, a $300 reduction.

LG Deals

  • LG’s previous-generation CX 77-inch OLED TV is on sale at Best Buy for a significant discount. While the latest-generation C1 in that size costs $2,900, you can get this enormous OLED with many of the same capabilities for for $2,500.
  • The LG A1 is the company’s most affordable OLED TV, presently available in a 48-inch size for $900 (usually $1,200). Unlike LG’s more costly 2021 OLED TVs, this model has a 60Hz refresh rate and no HDMI 2.1 ports, yet it still provides superb image quality.
  • If you don’t want to give up any features, LG’s C1 OLED may be the correct choice for you. The 48-inch model costs $1,100 at Best Buy and Amazon, a $200 discount from its regular price.
  • LG’s 50-inch NanoCell 75 series model costs $500 at Best Buy and Amazon, which is significantly less expensive. It’s a $70 savings above what it was previously selling for. Normally, upgrading to a huge 70-inch TV is an exorbitant price increase, but this model is available in its 70-inch size for just $750 at Best Buy.
  • LG also produces a NanoCell 90 series television with full-array dimming zones for greater fidelity in low-light or high-contrast scenarios. A 55-inch version is now available at Best Buy for $900, down from $1,100.

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