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Biden will continue challenging China’s Tech industry
The president-elect Joe Biden will continue following down the path of Trump in this matter

US Needs China More Than China Needs the US | IndustryWeek

Donald Trump throughout his presidential rule had pushed the agenda of challenging China’s technology company and industry and Joe Biden is going to push this agenda further by having a targeted approach and collaborating with allies.

Trump used the methods of executive orders, sanctions and other actions to challenge China’s technology during his presidency and Biden will most likely continue such a policy.

According to Abhishur Prakash who is a geopolitical specialist at CIF (Central for Innovating the Future) Trump has disheveled the status quo that once existed between the China and US under the presidency of Barack Obama. Center for Innovating Future is a Toronto-based consulting firm.

The Trump government has undertaken and modified several actions and rules against major Chinese companies in the field of Technology such as Huawei. It was put on the entity list which was infamous for being the US blacklist. This list completely cut off Huawei from the Operating system that its cellphones used to operate on which was Google’s Android. Not only that, but the semiconductor supplies to Huawei was also cut off from the US. This predictably dropped the sales of its smartphone in the Market.

Semiconductors have been a specific zone of the center for the Trump government. SMIC, an organization that is central to China’s push to be more independent in chips, was added to a boycott list by the U.S. Trade Department in mid-December.

According to Adam Segal, director of the Cyberspace and Digital Policy program at CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) the new administration will continue seeing tech as a major source of competition and will continue following the Trump administration’s approach to cut off the flow of essential tech to China. He believes that the process in Biden’s approach will be more collaborative. The focus will be on the narrow set of technologies with both allies and the private sector joining hands.

Prakash says Biden will probably proceed with Trump’s push to have Chinese merchants avoided from next-gen 5G mobile networks around the globe. The Trump organization has been pushing partners to cut Huawei from its organizations. Australia, Japan, and the U.K. have viably done that.

The geopolitical expert Prakash said Biden may likewise “recalibrate” in regions, for example, the boycotting of Chinese organizations or certain fare controls, while additionally hoping to advance as far as he can in his approach to deal with different zones like information rules of consolidations and acquisitions.

Prakash sees only one way out of this situation for the US. Either it allows the Chinese tech industry to dominate the world or challenge it and Prakash is certain that it is the latter the government is in favor of.




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