#BlackFriday, a worth it deal or just a way to fool people out there. Check out the silly memes

Whether you participate or not, #Blackfriday brings out the wild in everyone.People have already taken to Twitter to examine the event that began early on Friday. (Actually, some of it started weeks ago, but that was due to many insane marketing practices.)

Most buyers are as amused as those who are mocking them. Thus many tweets and memes contained videos of people stampeding into stores — or highlighting a lack of queues.

Thanksgiving has arrived, which means the arrival of the dreaded Black Friday. Here are some amusing memes to commemorate the holiday shopping season.

The annual shopping day, which takes place on the fourth Friday of November, is either loved or despised. While it might be a terrific day for discounts, it can also be a day of pure chaos.

Black Friday offers incredible deals in stores around America and now the world, and it’s a perfect time to get your Christmas shopping done if you can survive the crowds.


People frequently start queuing far before the shops open in order to get the most incredible prices, and you’ll be lucky if you can travel two steps without running into someone.

If you’ve decided to skip the deals today, enjoy these delightfully relatable #Blackfriday memes instead.

An introvert just denied the idea of #blackfriday. However, that’s very true that for an introvert, it is tough for introverts to even deal with a single person. But the Black Friday sales attract a huge crowd, that’s undoubtedly not a good idea for introverts. The tweet from an introvert reads, “Black Friday is the most anxiety-ridden and disgusting day of the year for introverts. One where we all stay in hibernation and utter a collective “fuck that” to the idea of all the people…ew.”

Michigan State Senator, Mallory McMorrow also tweeted on the same. She just told the true scenario of what happens on #Blackfriday. Whom doesn’t a deal attracts? For sure it attracts everyone and she truly explained her experience. She explained that people start acting terribly for taking various things.

She tweeted, “I once worked a Black Friday at Urban Outfitters where I watched grown adults hit each other over a sweater, a woman bite another woman, two teenage girls get arrested for stealing a BUNCH of stuff, and had people scream at me for hours. Be nice to retail workers today.”

Another Twitter user pointed out the deals and discounts. However, 10% off can also make anyone happy. But the tweet raised everyone’s expectations from #Blackfriday. The tweet reads, “Anything less than 50% off is not a Black Friday deal….”

Another user replied to the tweet, which waved off all the expectations, bringing the reality to light. He posted a picture of the famous meme guys sitting confused and wrote, “idk who these companies are trying to fool.. it’s pissing me off. like these CANT be the deals ppl was fighting over.”

Another disappointed user just pointed out how small is offered but people are still mad about it. We can say that Black Friday is a trend now, and few people even get excited about small offers in the name of Black Friday. The user Twitter, “Like why am I seeing 25% off and companies saying “it’s a steal!!”

Is the sale a disappointment for the companies?

Another disappointed buyer just shared her picture in disappointment after viewing a 10% sale on Black Friday. She wrote, “me when i see “black friday” on websites but only with 10% off.”

This meme can be best to explain Black Friday. Everyone ignores the prices before the day, but the same price on Black Friday makes people buy it. Now say it is a tragedy or the popularity of the day.

Another tweet was a bit sarcastic but genuine at the same time. The tweet reads, “Girls at the gym after Black Friday.” In the picture, the spider man was seen wearing new gym wears and flexing them at the gym. The post was explicitly targeting girls.