Bored of Board Games? Latest Technology Lets You to Play These Casino Games in India

Back in the day, board games were the definition of fun. Today, however, the situation is slightly different. 

There still are loyal fans of this form of recreation, but the audience is slowly diminishing. 

The truth is that we today mostly reach for board games in times of need, i.e. when we want something to occupy our time with. 

But there are other options!

Thanks to technology, we now have infinitely more ways and options to divert ourselves with without having to break out Monopoly or Cluedo. If you are bored with board games, here are some excellent casino games that you can play in any online casino in India. 

Andar Bahar

Although the origin of Andar Bahar remains a mystery to many of us, it’s a fact that is one of the most popular games in India. Everyone loves Andar Bahar; it’s that simple. 

So, what are the rules? 

Actually, Andar Bahar is perhaps the easiest game to learn in the entire casino realm. The whole point of the game is to guess whether Andar or Bahar would win. At the beginning of the game, you make a bet on your preferred option (Andar or Bahar) and then wait for the dealer to reveal cards. The dealer first draws two cards, where one goes for Andar and the other for Bahar. After that, the dealer keeps drawing cards in hopes of drawing a card that matches the first one. The rank is here essential, i.e. the value. 

Although this might sound confusing to you, believe us – it is not. The players adore the game for its simplicity which frequently provides more enjoyment than complex card games. 

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is another card game that is quite popular in India. In fact, we can even say that it is more popular than Andar Bahar thanks to an abundance of tables in online casinos. 

The rules of the game are straightforward. Once you start playing, you will quickly notice similarities with another casino game. Namely, Teen Patti is a simplified version of 3-Card Poker, which is a beloved Poker variant across the globe. The two games differ in terms of odds and payouts.

At the beginning of each round, players place both Ante and Play bets. The traditional version includes 3 to 6 players in a round, but the live casino version typically has no limits. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, companies that develop games have found a way to increase scalability. That is why the digital casino versions of Teen Patti usually accept an unlimited number of players. 

Like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti can be found on most gaming sites in India. Be careful, though. If you want to play Teen Patti live at top casino sites in India, you should first make sure that your chosen venues are reliable. 


The third game on our list is Rummy, which is also a card game. However, Rummy rules are slightly more complicated than for the other two games. 

Essentially, Rummy is a game of matching cards where the point is to match every card in your hand. The winner is the player that managed to match all hands in its possession. 

We also must mention that Rummy has numerous variants. Currently, there are around 40 verified Rummy variations, so it might be challenging to pick a favourite. Nevertheless, you will have lots of fun regardless of the variant that you choose.

It is also possible to distinguish traditional Rummy and online Rummy. The traditional version of the game – which is the standard variant – is very trendy at home or on the streets of India. On the other hand, when we say online Rummy, we typically think of the digital casino variant. 

Game developers have recently brought the game into focus by creating new creative titles. For now, there are only a handful of online casinos that offer a limited number of games. However, there is still room for improvement – we do not doubt that we are yet to see Rummy gain planetary recognition.