Boston Dynamics Spot

Boston Dynamics’ Release 3.0 update lets you do much more with ‘Spot’ robot dog

Boston Dynamics Spot
Source: Owlivers Post

Boston Dynamics is one of the leading industrialists in the future of science and robotics. The company is owned by Hyundai Motor Company and its best or I should say, most popular creation till date is the “Spot” robot dog.

As Boston Dynamics defines Spot, “It is an agile mobile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently.”

In simple words, it is the world’s most advanced robot dog that is made for consumers to automate routine tasks. As they say, a dog is the man’s best friend, well what do you think about a robot dog?

Anyway, according to recent reports, Boston Dynamics has added a few extra tweaks to Spot with its Release 3.0 update that lets the robot dog learn new behaviors enabling it to adapt better in the real world. You wouldn’t want your expensive robot dog falling off from stairs, would you? The new update is focused on allowing Spot to do its job without human intervention, pushing the boundaries towards maximum automation. So, Spot will be better at avoiding bumps and rocks on the road without its master, or I should say, the owner telling the dog not to go that way.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Spot can handle autonomous tasks much better and thanks to its efficient scanning capabilities, it is now equipped to handle human-free missions. Boston Dynamics’ Spot, the robot dog can now automatically plan out routes to carry out simple tasks like fetching the newspaper from the front door. The dog will know to avoid your expensive vase and dining table kept in the way, this is what the Release 3.0 update has in store for your expensive Spot, the robot dog.

So, would you want to buy a Spot dog for yourself? It costs a whopping USD 74,500 only. The robotic dog has the potential to be in every household in the near future, only one should be able to afford this expensive piece of complex technology. Boston Dynamics’ Spot is the perfect example of how robots are evolving and how they can help in your day-to-day activities. Robots are meant to be useful, to reduce human labor, and to assist them and make their lives easier. However, robots will gradually take over the simplest human tasks, and with the increasing scope of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, we can predict a much-advanced human civilization for the future to come.