Burger King
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Burger King customer sues company over size of Whopper
The customer insists that advertisements make the size of the burger look bigger than its real size.

Burger King
Customer of Burger King sues over size of Whopper which looks bigger in ads.
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A rather disappointed and angry fast food fanatic is reportedly suing the Fast Food chain Burger King over the size of their signature burger dish. The customer, Walter Coleman stated that the burger franchise falsely advertised their widely famous sandwiches as misleadingly big and satisfying.

After the encounter, the dissatisfied customer filed a lawsuit against the burger giant. Notably, in it, Coleman claims that a real whopper which the restaurants serve to customers is nothing even close to what is displayed on screens. Far from large, it is of a significantly smaller size and hardly satisfying, according to the hungry customer. The legal papers linked claim that the signature dish is 35% smaller in real. Comparatively, the burger shown in advertisements by the giant is significantly bigger in reality.

Coleman, along with “countless” more people claimed how they have been feeling cheated. This was since they realised the real size of the famous burger as opposed to the franchise’s adverts. Currently, the disappointed customer demanded Burger King be held responsible for allegedly misleading the public.

Customers are continually “duped into buying a substandard product”, it states.

The lawsuit was filed last week in the US District Court in Southern Florida on March 28. It alleges the franchise to have misrepresented the size and appearance of its dishes in its advertisements. Additionally, the filed lawsuit demands that Burger King “correct the deceptive” action. Moreover, they are seeking monetary damages for anyone who was misguided by such ads. A spokesperson of the franchise said they do not “comment on pending or potential litigations” when approached for a comment.

The filing claims that the fast food chain initiated the material overstating of the “size of its burgers” in ads since 2017. The lawsuit further claims that the images of the Whopper have grown larger as a marketing strategy. However, the recipe, or even the amount of meat or ingredients contained in the sandwich has remained the same throughout. It also requires the chain to stop the overstating of menu items in its advertisements which also mislead people.

Moreover, the lawsuit points out the comments on social media and YouTube regarding the food items of the giant. Certain food bloggers were visibly complaining about the disparity between the real food and what is advertised. However, the filing claims the case has more emphasis owing to the highest inflation occurring in four decades and pressure on the budgets of the customers.