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Casino Hacks Every Gambler Should Know

Going to a casino is not just a habit or a vice, it is a lifestyle. This means that other than just giving you an opportunity to make some money on luck-based games, it provides you with a unique experience. A part of this experience belongs to a certain group, a subculture.

Now, every subculture has its own unique hacks and tricks. This helps people differentiate veterans from uninitiated ones. It also makes the entire process much more entertaining since it allows a higher understanding of the subject matter and easier, more specific communication. Here are some casino hacks that might help you figure out slot machine odds in a better way.

Gambling amounts

In order to properly wager, you need to be aware of the amount of the wager that you’re making.

Sure, you can be specific about the amount, but if you want to use slang, you should know the following:

Sawbuck: a $10 bet.
Dollar bet: this is a bet of $100.
Nickel: a bet of $500.
Dime: is a bet of $1000.
Handle: the sum of money that the gambler puts in the game.
Double or nothing: pays the original bet or even-money.
Drop: the amount that the gambler has lost.
Jackpot: a massive payout (also a colloquial expression used outside of the gambling world).
Down to the felt: the phrase used when a gambler goes broke.

Sure, terms like jackpot are well known even outside of the gambling world, but the same couldn’t be said about the rest. For instance, dollar, nickel, and dime bet values are not intuitive, while the phrase double or nothing tends to be quite self-explanatory. A handle is a technical term that means something in the gambling world but something entirely different in other fields. Instead of just hoping that you will understand gambling slang terms, it might be better to try studying them instead.

Gambling strategies

There are also names for various bankrolling strategies that seasoned gamblers use in order to minimize risks. A perfect example of this is the D’Alembert System. This is a scenario where you add a certain amount after losing a bet while reducing it after winning. Just keep in mind that the effectiveness of such a strategy is also not science but luck-based, and the myth has long since been debunked.

The next such strategy is the so-called Martingale. The principle is fairly simple; gamblers start with a certain amount, and they double it after every loss until they win.

For instance, you start with a bet of $100, and you lose. Your next bet should be $200. If you lose again, your next bet is $400 and so on, until you win. Once you win, your next bet is $100 once again. The profit achieved is always equal to the original investment (in this case, $100), in the case where the odds are 50/50.

Grind is a steady betting strategy that takes a while to pay off. This, nonetheless, doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed. With grind, gains are usually just big enough to exceed wagers and the risks are minimal. It is also a strategy that takes patience and knowledge.

Types of gamblers

There are also various terms describing the types of gamblers. By knowing this slang, you will be able to classify yourself and better understand your opponents. For instance:

Shark: a player who keeps their skill level concealed early in the game.
Pidgeon: a gambler who has no idea what they’re doing.
Fish: a losing gambler.
Mechanic: a casino cheat at dice or card game.
High Roller: player betting particularly high amounts.
Handicapper: true luck-based gambler. Someone who bets without any skill or knowledge of the game.

There are also some gambler types that are not determined by their game-related behavior. For instance, a scamdicapper is a player who exaggerates their own performance. George is a generous tipper, while Tom is a lousy tipper or a player who doesn’t tip at all. Keep in mind that casino tipping etiquette varies across the globe and that it’s something worth your attention, as well.

Lastly, there are some terms that describe the value of the player to the casino in question. For instance, VIP is not necessarily a casino-related term, but it’s definitely applicable. Whale, on the other hand, is a VIP gambler with a habit of placing enormous bets.

General casino terms

It is the objective of a casino to do its best in order to improve customer support and service. However, inexperienced players may be unable to recognize this without any prior knowledge to the nature or structure of the casino.

With that in mind, here are several additional casino-related terms to keep in mind:

House: slang for the casino (applicable both online and offline).
Comp: a gift from the casino in the form of food, beverage, or even lodging.
Foreign: chips from another casino (these are not interchangeable).
Eighty-six (86): a gambler that is banned from a casino (usually due to cheating).

There are also different terms to describe the type of casino that you’re currently playing at. For instance, a sawdust joint is a low-end casino, while a carpet joint is a high-end casino.

Different areas of the casino have their own names. For instance, the soft count room is the backhouse of the casino where the count is being performed (as the name suggests). Pit is the place where the floor manager is being stationed. The entire gambling area of the casino in question is referred to as the casino floor.

Final thoughts

While some of the terms you may have heard before, the truth is that there’s no easier way to discredit yourself than to use the wrong term at the wrong time. This doesn’t happen when you don’t know what the word means but when you presume that you understand it.

In the age of the internet, there’s nothing easier than checking it online, but you could also ask a fellow gambler. Still, there’s nothing wrong with doing some research in advance in order to ensure that you actually understand the meaning. When the topic is as interesting, learning can be a lot of fun.

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