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China locks down the city which manufactures 70% of the world’s iPhones

The government of China has locked down the entire city of Zhengzhou that houses the biggest Apple iPhone factory in the world. The factory owned by Foxconn recently saw massive worker protests that even turned violent. To curb these protests from growing further, Chinese officials decided to lockdown the whole city and asked residents to stay at home and only leave if necessary.

File photo: Apple's supplier -- Foxconn

File photo: Apple’s supplier — Foxconn

China has ordered a Covid lockdown in several districts of Zhengzhou, according to an alert by AFP on Thursday. This comes at the time when huge violent protests were started by employees at the Foxconn manufacturing facility in Zhengzhou. The lockdown will also put financial pressure on both the companies as well as China’s economy, which is already deteriorating due to a rise in Covid cases and frequent lockdowns.

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