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CIDM launches job-ready digital marketing training program in Chandigarh

Digital marketing training

Digital marketing has changed the landscape tremendously. Be it the way the products are sold or they are purchased, digital marketing has changed the marketing eco-system and rightly so. Whether you are a bootstrapped start-up or an established business presence, in a fashion business or selling insurance, digital marketing is important and indispensable – irrespective of the business size and type. Marked with characteristics like real-time results, tangible ROI and easy-to-follow process, digital marketing is an in-demand profession and becoming a smart career choice for many students. The demand for skilled professionals, however, remain elusive mainly because of the lack of job-oriented course. Well, not anymore. Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing is one of the very few academies offering comprehensive digital marketing course. A course that is industry recognised and job-ready! 

Run by Pulkit Gogna,  an entrepreneur and renowned digital marketer, the academy’s course structure for digital marketing training is based on classroom and practical aspects. With the help of ‘Live’ projects, real-time case studies and webinars, the institute offers students multiple opportunities to see the practical implication of the theoretical aspects of digital marketing. Offering a hands-on approach to the students regarding the tools, techniques and concepts of digital marketing is a part of CIDM’s pedagogy.  The size of a batch is also kept small to improve the engagement level of each student and enhance one-on-one interaction between the mentor and the mentee. Each student is given personal feedback on the assignment and is encouraged. 


Best digital marketing training for students, professionals and businesses

We are living in a digital era and not only students, but professionals, start-ups and corporate groups can alsohop on the wagon and do wonders! While the students can make a real difference to their career and academic path, professionals too can turn their lives around by adding this skill to their resume. Careers in digital marketing are competitive yet lucrative and skill-based. Besides, the digital eco-system is quite volatile and ever-changing. So, whether you are a freelancer or a blogger, a grad student or a professional already having some experience in the field, there is always some scope to learn something new and climb the ladder up in the search results! 

Under the supervision of Pulkit Gogna and other industry leaders, CIDM in Chandigarh also offers digital marketing training modules for start-ups and corporate groups that want to go ‘online’ and start online strategy alongside traditional marketing. 


The course content for digital marketing training

Quite contrary to the popular belief, digital marketing isn’t just about having a website but managing and promoting all the aspects related to it. This is why students are taken through the different level of understanding, starting from basic, intermediate and advanced. However, each module is different and customised according to a student’s understanding. A professional looking to learn the new tools and techniques of SEO won’t be taught about the entry-level program.  Similarly, the start-up team enrolling with the CIDM for digital marketing training will learn the keys aspects of digital marketing but the advanced level of the course module will remain focused and be specific to their business and competition. The duration of the training program varies from a course to another. Students can opt for a certification course of 3-month or 6-month. The duration of the diploma program is 1-year. Weekend, weekday and evening classes are offered to facilitate the students and professionals. 

Eligible students are also offered summer internship and campus placement.  Space for this course is limited. If you wish to enrol and have a bright career ahead and win the digital race with the search engines as well as your competitors.



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