Winners of the Communication for Future Awards 2017

29th March 2017, Geneva : The C4F Awards 2017 was held on March 14, at Beau Rivage Hotel, in Geneva, Switzerland. The award recognizes highly professional and globally remarkable individual communicators and/or organizations with a creative approach and unique vision of the future of the communications industry worldwide. The prestigious C4F Awards was launched in 2011 and this is its 7th edition. There are 23 nomination categories for the Awards under three divisions: Personal, Corporate and Start-Ups.

Mr. Alfred Koblinger, CEO of BBDO, Austria, is the Chairman for Personal Categories and Ms. Rana Nejem, Founding Director of YARNU, Jordan, is the Chairman for the Corporate Categories. Here is the link to the Juries of the C4F Awards:

The organizers received 86 applications altogether, in all 23 categories. Among the nominees there are representatives from 30 countries on 5 continents. Companies and individuals, who represent the best of the cases, were announced as winners at the Gala ceremony on 14 March.

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the C4F Awards 2017:


Grand Davos Award

Fran Bidderman, CEO and Strategista of Advantages Inc (USA)

David Gallagher, President Omnicon PR Group (UK)

Titan of the Future

Dr. Kara Alaimo, Asst Professor of Public Relations, Hofstra University (USA)

Relations of the Future

Catherine Hernandez-Blades, Senior VP, Corporate Comms Aflac (USA)

Evangelist of the Future

Adebola Williams, Founding Partner Red Media, (Nigeria)

Eduardo Vieira, Founder Ideal Group (Brazil)

Talent of the Future

Assel Kozhakova, Founder Red Point Khazakhstan LLP, (Khazakhstan)

Leader of the Future

Ganesh AC, Founder ACG Consultancy (India) and

Eduardo Vieira, Founder Ideal Group (Brazil)


Idea of the Future: Deerak Solutions (India)

Technology of the Future: ACG Consulting (India)


Education of the Future: CROS, Russia, & KETCHUM – SVIZERRA, Italy

City of the Future: Amazing Villach, Austria

Trust of the Future: Pro Zorro, Ukraine

Pro Bono of the Future: Spring PR, Armenia

Community of the Future: Sound PR, Italy

Reputation of the Future: SPN Communications, Russia

Communications of the Future: KETCHUM – ESTRA, Italy

Creative of the Future: TCS, Europe

Anti Crisis of the Future: KETCHUM – SVIZERRA, Italy

Value of the Future: KETCHUM – PRADA, Italy

Employee Communications of the Future: SAP, Germany

Branding of the Future: SPN Communications, Russia

Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founding Director of C4F Awards congratulated the winners saying, “Congratulations to all the winners! At the Gala we reviewed interesting showcases and greeted extremely talented professionals from 30 different countries. It was a great feeling of cross-cultural communication, when the best practices of each country were shared across the table. I am sure the C4F Awards 2018 is going to be much bigger and more encouraging for the communication professionals all over the globe.”