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Crypto.com bags multiyear partnership deal with Twitch

The crypto domain is progressing at a steady pace, with accomplishments that exude its potential to become a deal-breaker in the future. And recently, Crypto.com, the cryptocurrency platform has achieved yet another milestone by bagging a multiyear partnership with Twitch rivals. With this deal, the cryptocurrency platform has attained the label of being the very first global marketing partner for Twitch Rivals in the Asia Pacific, in addition to being its first marketing partner.


The Partnership

The partnership means quite a lot of things for Crypto.com. It will enjoy the coveted category exclusivity in media placements, and activations at Twitch events, and also in-stream branded segments. An added advantage is that over 250 broadcasts per year worldwide will feature its brand. Now that is quite some exposure that will rocket the brand to some brilliant growth and progress. The 4th of November will mark the grand commencement of this epic partnership chaperoned by the Twitch Rivals Las Vegas live.

The partnership between Crypto.com and Twitch Rivals holds intrigue at different levels. The primary highlight is that it brings together two major players from two different, rapidly progressing fields, namely live streaming and cryptocurrency. These two fields have exhibited their potential and promise over the past few years. Another point to be noted is that these two fields hold more attraction for the tech-savvy younger generation who are more flexible and accomodating of the ideas they bring forth. After all, a flexible and adaptable client base is quite important for growth and progress. And the partnership, by clubbing these two has managed to double the effects and advantages of these individual domains for maximum benefit and growth.

The partnership between Twitch Rivals and Crypto.com is also a clear indicator of the growing influence of the cryptocurrency market, which at present has a market cap of $2.7 trillion. Speaking about Crypto.com, it has a client base of over 10 million, and they are already planning to invest more in the future. That is more than enough proof for the fact that they are gearing up for a rather bright future. Nobody will step into a $100 million investment without seeing anything in the end. This partnership will be of massive help for Crypto.com in growing its consumer base by extending its advertising efforts to a greater audience. After all, the first-player advantage is quite an advantage. The future looks bright, let’s wait and see if the brightness is here to stay or to sway.



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