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Crypto could be subjected to the wash sale rule in the US

Crypto could be subjected to the wash sale rule in the US. This is because there is a tax loophole many crypto hodlers are using, and this could change the same. Considering that crypto is being classified as assets, it is essential that they are subjected to this rule for the government to benefit from taxes. Let’s see what it is all about.

The loophole

Consider that you have 2 Bitcoins purchased at $45,000, and now the price is at $30,000. Instead of holding your coins and waiting for the price to rise, you sell it at a loss and have a realised loss of $30,000. After this, you buy it again instantaneously and continue to hold it. But since you have sold it at a loss once, it will mean that you can use the losses to offset your profits to save taxes. This is a really big loophole and is used by many to save taxes in the US.

Wash sale rule in crypto

Crypto could be subjected to the wash sale rule

As reports suggest that Crypto could be subjected to the wash sale rule, let’s look at what it is. It is a rule that has been implemented to prevent crypto hodlers from exploiting this loophole in the tax system. It says that anyone who is claiming losses in an asset should not have any interest in the same. Or, you could say that the asset for which losses are claimed shouldn’t be purchased back within 30 days.

Until now, crypto users have been able to take advantage of this. But if the wash sale rule is implemented, they will not be able to take advantage of this anymore. Yes, one wants to benefit from the idea they have to wait for 30 days for buying back the coin again. But if a purchase is made before that, the losses can’t be claimed.

Well, this makes sense as the government is looking to make a lot of money from crypto taxes. And therefore, I think that they won’t take much time to apply the new rule to crypto investments.

What are your thoughts on crypto being subjected to the wash sale rule? And do you know of some other way to save taxes? I, for one, know that the best thing to do is not selling. If you know anything else, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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