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Customize your iPhone’s home screen with Smart Stacks and Siri Suggestions

It is the holiday season and you have most likely to have unwrapped a new iPhone box this season. We’ll tell you how you can Customize your iPhone’s home screen with Smart Stacks and Siri Suggestions to personalize your home screen to the next level.

It is no surprise that the Widgets have come to know to be the most popular feature in iOS 14. It gives its users the facility to add layers of personalization on its home screen. iOS 14 gives in the facility to include two built-in widget options that make the best use of Siri intelligence to make sure that your iPhone home screen widgets are personalized just the way you like them. Here’s how to customize your iPhone’s home screen-

Customize your iPhone’s home screen

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Customize your iPhone’s home screen with Siri Suggestions widgets

If you are one of those people who highly depend on sliding down to access Siri app suggestions in Spotlight search, then without a question, the Siri Suggestions widget is the most useful widget to add to your home screen widget. To add much more to your comfort, The Siri Suggestions widget will automatically show you relevant actions that are read “based on your usage patterns.”

Apple offers  two different Siri Suggestions widgets:

  • App Suggestions: It provides you with app launch suggestions that are based on your usage patterns
  • The other one is- Shortcut Suggestions: It provides you with relevant shortcut actions based on your usage patterns (you can get them in small, medium, and large)

To add more, the App Suggestions widget, gives to you a  rotating selection of app icons based on what Siri intelligence analyzes that you could be needing. Talking about an example here, if you often use the MyFitnessPla while enjoying your brunch every day at the same time, the App Suggestions widget will automatically provide to you the MyFitnessPal app icon on your screen exactly at that time of the day.

As a matter of fact, In fact, after you place the App Suggestions widget on your home screen, the application symbols will look much the same as some other application symbols. It’s a quite clever utilization of Siri intelligence with its analysis and one of the cooler gadget executions by Apple.

If you wish to find these widgets, all you have to do is long-press on your iPhone iOS 14 home screen. It will take you to the jiggle mode, discover the “+” icon which is most likely visible in the upper-left corner. Later you have to discover the “Siri Suggestions” from the list of widgets and you’ll be done.

 Smart Stacks

Among many other amazing widgets, the coolest that iOS14 provides is undoubtedly is a Smart Stack. Like its name suggests Smart Stacks smartly stacks multiple widgets for your use which is based on other feature analysis like time of day and Siri intelligence.

As a matter of course, you can pick a prebuilt Smart Stack from the gadget picker, yet you can likewise make custom heaps of gadgets.

This implies you can pick various gadgets and stack them on top of each other, at that point swipe between them. To do this, just add one gadget to your home screen, at that point return to the Widget Gallery and pick another and drag it on top of the main gadget. You can stack a wide range of gadgets together, at that point swipe through them straightforwardly from the home screen.

When you add a Smart Stack gadget to your iOS 14 home screen, you can long-press on it, pick “Widget” and empower or impair the “Smart Rotate” highlight. This component will naturally turn through the gadgets in the stack depends on the season of day and Siri insight.



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