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Differences Between American And European Roulette

Roulette is a gambling game where participants wager on a tiny ball (spinning in the opposite direction) to land in a red or black numbered set of a revolving wheel. Bets are put on a table with compartments labeled to match the wheel’s compartments. It’s the most played online casino game, and the most popular types are American and European Roulette.


European Roulette Rules

The wheel is split into 37 sections, with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and 0 each. The numbers 1 to 36 are alternately red and black, with only zero in green. The main objective of any roulette player is to know which numbered pocket the roulette ball will land in. 

Each player bets on a particular number. The dealer spins the wheel and the roulette ball in the opposing direction. The respective player(s) are paid once the ball lands in the pocket with that number. The betting method is quite straightforward when playing European Roulette online free.

  •       To play, the player must first place their chips on the desired bet.
  •       And then hit the “Spin” button.
  •       When the betting round is finished, they must choose between placing another bet (“Rebet”) and abandoning the game (“Clear Bets”). 

The betting procedure at casinos is as follows:

Four casino employees staff the roulette table. Croupiers are two of them, and their primary job is to handle bets and spin the ball into the roulette wheel. The other two casino staff are “table-end” (“bout de table”) and “game supervisor” (“chef de partie”), who are responsible for ensuring that the game runs well.

The number of people gathered around the roulette table normally ranges from one to eight. When the croupier says, “Place your bets” (or “Faites Vos Jeux”), the game of Roulette begins. Players can now place their wagers. The croupier then places the ball on the roulette wheel for a spin. The croupier says, “No more bets” (or “Rien ne va plus”) when the ball has around two more revolutions to go.

If any bets are put after this, they will almost always be ignored. When the ball gets to the 37 numbered pockets, the croupier determines the winning number and announces it. All losing bets are returned to the house, while all winning bets are paid out.

American Roulette Rules 

The American roulette wheel is halved into 38 compartments, with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and 0 and 00. The single zero and double zero are green, while 1 to 36 is alternately colored red and black. 

  •       Select a roulette table.
  •       All players must exchange conventional casino chips or cash with the dealer.
  •       Every player will be given a  different colored chip, which is normally done to minimize any confusion when payouts are made.
  •       After all, players have received their chips. They can start setting bets.
  •       These bets are generally stationed on the roulette table, which shows all possible betting options.
  •       Players can wager on a single bet or a combination of bets with their chips.
  •       The dealer spins the roulette wheel. 

The bets can be placed, modified, and deleted after the wheel has been spun, but not after the dealer calls “no more bets.” Players are not permitted to change their wagers once the dealer makes this call. 

When the ball reaches one of the wheel’s numbered pockets, the dealer determines and announces the winning number openly. A dolly is employed by the dealer to indicate the number on the roulette table.

Differences Between American and European Roulette (3)

The Main Difference Between American Roulette and European Roulette

American and European Roulettes are so similar yet vary from each other. Below are the major differences between American Roulette and European Roulette.


American Roulette


European Roulette
American has 38 pockets for the roulette ball to rest in, which are numbers 1 – 36 in black and red, and a green pocket for a single zero (0) and double zero (00) European has 36 number pockets, either black or red but has only one green pocket, zero (0)
American features two – 0 and 00 European only has one – 0
Another difference is in the edge. The odd if winning is lower in America, i.e., 1 in 38, even when odd is lower, you get paid the same 35 to 1 European roulette online odds of winning are high. When the odds are lower, the payout is bigger.


Which Variant of Roulette is Better?

The distinction between American and European Roulette is likely to be minor. However, European Roulette has superior odds. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play American Roulette. You may greatly reduce the House Edge by using a smart Roulette strategy, regardless of which type you play. 


With the variation of Roulette in both land-based and online casinos, European Roulette remains the best Roulette game online. Most players prefer it because it gives players a higher chance of earning as the house advantage is just 2.63%.



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