Disney Files Patent For The Augmented Reality Controls For User Interactions With Virtual World

disney patent augmented reality

Augmented reality technology has been known to give users a unique experience which is very well seen from its rising popularity. In a recent move, Disney has developed a new way of interacting with the virtual world and they promise that this one gives way better experience than the earlier technology.

Why this technology?

The typical Interaction with the virtual world requires a user control, which is typically provided by a game controller or any other input device. A game controller is a device that provides inputs and commands to a game console which is typically used to control an object or a character in the game.

The game controller sends the commands to the game console or the computer by the means of a wired or wireless communication medium.The typical game controllers which are commonly used are keyboards, mice, gamepads, joysticks, etc.

However, there are many times where these conventional game controllers are not readily available to the users or are not compatible with the particular game system. Also, the traditional game controllers do not provide the user with an experience that the are part of the game which reduces the user interaction with the game.

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How does this technology work?

In a system, the user is provided with an augmented reality controller so that he can interact with the virtual world much easily. Now, the typical virtual world is comprised of a projector, a display surface which is used for displaying the virtual world on the surface, a physical object, a memory storing, and the processor which is used to project with the help of projector on the display surface.

The processor is the hardware processor which could be anything such as a central processing unit (CPU) used in computing devices. The Memory is a non-transitory storage device for storing the computer code for execution by the processor.

It also stores various data and parameters. Now, the user will control the physical object including a visual representation which is correlated with the virtual element in the virtual world.

The working of the technology.
Image Source: freshpatents.com

The Virtual world could be anything such as a video game, an open-world video game, a sandbox game, or any other interactive digital application. The video games may also include various settings, locations, characters, etc.

In some of the cases, the virtual world could be a virtual environment for users to interact collaboratively or competitively. The Virtual world could also include virtual elements, such as virtual characters, virtual tools, virtual buildings, virtual vehicles, even an environment for virtual activities or virtual interactions.

Now, the device will determine the user input for controlling the virtual element based on the user’s manipulation of the physical object and update the corresponding change that is supposed to happen on the screen using the projector.

The user control projected onto the physical object is based on the user manipulation of the physical object which is to maintain the visual representation correlated with the virtual element in the virtual world.

The augmented reality application is nothing but an executable computer code which is for user interaction with the virtual world. The augmented reality application could also be used to combine the real-world environment with the virtual world to create an augmented reality environment. The main purpose of doing this is to give the user a better experience of the environment.

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What’s next?

The next thing for Disney would be to implement this technology in the real world. On of the sectors in which this technology could be used very effective and efficiently is the gaming. Disney could develop the new game that would offer a better user experience. So, we would have to wait and see what Disney does with this technology.

Image Source: augment.com