Here’s Why We Think .NET Will Continue To Rule Business Technology

Technology, we all know, is a continuous process of evolution, not revolution. While the IT industry is often disruptive and appears to be constantly changing, tectonic technology shifts have been rare.

Microsoft’s .NET framework technology has been around since the 1990s! How can technology that first was created then still be relevant now?

Back in 2015, the World Economic Forum predicted in an insight report 2020, that it would be no longer the Internet of Things, but the Internet of Everything. With so much changing, what remains the same in the world of technology?

Everything might change, but some things remain the same. We think .NET is one of those old behemoths that has only continued to gain in relevance.

1) Azure and .NET go hand in hand

The future is the cloud. Well, in that case, the future is already here. Understandably, Azure immediately appeals to businesses that are based on Microsoft’s platforms. But it’s the incredible mix of .NET products on Azure that is incredibly attractive for businesses.

A future-focused and competitive CIO can immediately spot the effortless partnership that .NET has with Azure. For instance, handling tasks asynchronously has been made simple as .NET has enhanced the VB and C# programming languages.

2) Interoperability made easier with .NET

Earlier in March this year, at the Windows Developer Day event, Microsoft announced two editions of Windows 10 IoT that it said would help developers build applications for IoT connected devices in an easy and efficient manner.

Interoperability becomes not only simpler to implement but also much safer with software built on .NET.  The Azure IoT suite’s set of open source SDKs, for instance, offers the flexibility of open source while offering incredible development speed along with advanced security features.

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3) Mobile development with .NET solutions

Previously, developers struggled to develop mobile apps based on .NET but today, the scenario is different, and .NET has become more versatile than ever before. Developing a .NET based mobile app is perfect for businesses wanting to reach a wide use base through a single device or looking to create rich user experiences.

For instance, the Telerik UI can be incorporated easily with .NET allowing for must-have features like drag-and-drop facilitating an enhanced user experience.

4) .NET guarantees safety

India’s Passport Seva website is built using .NET technology, which speaks volumes about its near airtight security. When data security and cyber attacks are on the top of CIO’s minds everywhere, .NET continues to be a ‘comfort’ framework because of its high-end security features.

What’s more its MVC architecture has a SoC approach, which makes it infinitely easy to make scalable apps and integrate with your business’ existing applications safely.

Diversity and versatility are two enduring aspects of .NET that continues to make it extremely appealing to enterprises.

With high-performing frameworks like ASP.NET,  MVC, and Web API used in conjunction with database systems like SQL Server and Azure Document DB, .NET is a forceful suite for a wide range of industries from finance (mortgage solutions) to education (e-learning portals) to transportation (real time transport updates).

To summarize, here are the primary reasons why we believe businesses will continue to rely .NET well into the future:

  1. Scalability and speed – It is hard to argue against the cost and time benefits of websites built on MVC architecture, for instance.
  1. Security – E-commerce shopping cart solutions simply can’t survive if there are loopholes. Dot NET is critical in identifying and plugging those loopholes.
  1. Consistency – .NET technologies are optimized for multiple platforms. With .NET, businesses can access a consistent programming model that still manages to keep up with today’s advances.

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