Elon Musk gives updates on the upcoming FSD Beta 10 versions

Elon Musk gives updates on the upcoming FSD Beta 10, says it rolls out next Friday. Says that it will be “good enough for the public to opt-in request button”. Version 9.3 was great with many added improvements. Furthermore, Musk answers a couple of questions under the same tweet regarding the updates.

Tesla's Elon Musk posts update on FSD Beta 10's release date
Image credits- Teslarati

Since the first public rollout with a monthly subscription option, initially, it was good enough compared to the previous updates. Eventually, with each small update, the software showed impressive performance. With Version 9, Musk says that it would be convenient for more people to opt for this version. Many customers see the flaws and glitches in the software and have not opted for the self-driving option despite owning a Tesla vehicle. A few days ago, Tesla even rolled out a camera-based driver monitoring system even in radar-equipped Tesla’s.

However, Forbes stated in July that the FSD Beta is okay to use, because it is only a “driver-assist” and not full self driving. Unlike the other companies like Waymo which do not need drivers in the driving seat, Tesla has a different strategy towards making it to fully autonomous vehicle. In recent times, Tesla’s FSD safety is increased so much that the driver monitoring system alerts the driver even if they are using a phone.

Further questions

Elon Musk mentioned as a reply to a user that he currently uses an Alpha version of the FSD software. He says that he will be using the one public uses before the coming update next week.

Later Musk says that the Version 10 will have more improvements in terms of user interface. As the FSD was rolled out for public earlier, the UI improvements allowed the driver to watch what the car is seeing, like the objects, humans, traffic signals, etc.

When a Canadian user asked for the FSD release in Canada, Musk replied that he isn’t sure, but possibly in a few months. Tesla has approval to release it only in the United States publicly for now. After further testing, they are yet to get an approval from the Canadian government and proceed with making it available to Tesla owners.

It is to be noted how Musk mentioned about regulatory approval. As more countries get access to Tesla Full-self driving software, the safety and other concerns are of highest priority. Especially considering that Tesla is expanding in Europe with Giga Berlin possibly going to start production this fall, or by next year.