Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk has discovered Bezos’ actual “full-time job.”

The business rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is not a matter of surprise. It has been in the air for quite some time now and, with them taking occasional (or rather frequent) jibes at one another, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that there is definitely some bad blood between these two highly influential and popular humans heading two equally important space exploration companies. The latter being the main reason for the bitter conflicts that spring up between them like mushrooms during monsoon. Perhaps, not every relationship thrives on having a lot of common factors. And as ironic as it might sound, these common grounds are often the starting point of differences. However we are in the 21st century, and diplomatic war is in vogue among those in the business domain. And with sharp sarcasm that can leave an impact, it is not very hard to get on the nerves of the other person. A recent tweet of Musk in reply to a tweet about the lawsuit filed by Amazon against SpaceX has kick-started a chain reaction of responses on Twitter. Let us take a look at the tweet.

Musk vs Bezos: The Business Cold War

From the above tweet, it is very much evident that the SpaceX CEO is not very pleased with the legal action filed against SpaceX. This continuous probing by Bezos has actually put him in a comical light with a good majority of people indicating that it is a clear case of sour grapes. And now with the tweet, Musk has actually named it as Bezos’ full-time job. Not long ago, Musk had stated in a rather sarcastic tweet that Bezos retired so that he could spend more time filing lawsuits against SpaceX.  Their business rivalry has definitely given those in Twitter town to come up with interesting and rather hilarious analogies. And definitely, a fair amount of memes which is a natural successor of any tweet. Let us take a look at the reactions and responses on Twitter. It is always better to take into account the public perspective so that we aren’t biased(it is only coincidental if you sense a tinge of sarcasm there).

Jealous much?

Seems like Bezos must take out more time to probe into his own “behaviour” rather than that of SpaceX.

Back to school analogies. Either Bezos has not heard about “sour-grapes” or he is blissfully ignorant.

Is Bezos digging his own grave? Because from the tone of these responses it seems like he is gradually jeopardizing his company’s future.

Time is precious. And time organization is even more important.

Nobody can.

Whether he is supposed to play something or not, one thing is clear, he is definitely not playing his cards right.