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Elon Musk, Senator Elizabeth Warren

Elon Musk mocks Senator Elizabeth Warren in a fiery Twitter spat, calls her an “angry mom”

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk is back at it again, and once again he has proved quite preposterously that he has no filters. In a fiery Twitter spat, Elon Musk ended up comparing senator Elizabeth Warren to an “angry mom.” Apparently, Musk wasn’t really pleased about Warren’s tweet asking the Times Person Of The Year to “actually pay taxes.” And when Musk is not pleased, the displeasure is reflected way too clearly in his responses that are borderline offensive most of the time. This is not the first time the Tesla CEO is adopting a rather rude tone with someone over the tax debate. Not so long ago, Musk came under the radar of criticism as he mocked Senator Bernie Sanders who urged the wealthy to pay their “fair share of taxes.” Let us take a look at the tweets.

Clearly, the richest man on earth wasn’t very happy with the senator’s words.

Well, if you are wondering, he did not stop with that. The spat culminated with Musk comparing the senator to an “angry mom.” Take a look.

To be fair, in every debate, no matter how aggressive, there is a certain code of conduct to be followed, and respect for the opponent. Clearly, that is absent in this exchange at least on the part of the person who was named Times Person of the year.

Furthermore, he went on to call her “Senator Karen.” For those who don’t know, “Karen” is the viral meme that is used to refer to a stereotypical, middle-aged, white woman. It is a known fact that Musk doesn’t mince or sugarcoat his words, but at times a bit of proofreading is preferable. Not so long ago he had even mocked Senator Bernie Sanders on the same issue, stating in his tweet that, “I keep forgetting you are still alive.” Senator Warren’s tweet comes during a time when Washington is already contemplating increasing the tax amounts of the super-rich ( which they might or might not pay). Recently, a proposal had been put forth by the US Senate Democrats to tax billionaires’ stock and tradeable assets to facilitate the financing of President Joe Biden’s social spending agenda.

Responses On Twitter

As usual, Musk’s response to the senator’s tweet has attracted the attention of the Twitter town. While some are in support of the billionaire, the others aren’t really pleased by the callous and rather rude words. Let us flip through a few of these reactions and responses.