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Enjoy 3 Thrilling Rummy Variations of Your Favorite Skill Game Today

These rummy variations rule out the element of monotony of card games and hands out interesting options for players to maneuver their skills as per the best of their abilities. Players get to explore interesting game structures widening the amount of passion and potential of winning real money during these testing times.

13 card rummy games have been an intrinsic part of the Indian household for decades. Generations have cherished the golden memories of enjoying rummy games with their friends and families. Now, as the popular card game goes online, the younger generation is gearing up for live battles across different rummy variations that’s reaching peak during lockdown.

Assuming you are here because you wish to dive deeper into the game, let’s talk about the 3 most interesting and popular rummy variations that you can enjoy today.

3 Online Rummy Variations to Kill For

A century’s old game like 13 card Indian Rummy is bound to undergo changes and so, with time, even though the central character of the game remains intact, online rummy gamesmatured into three distinct variations making the experience for rummy lovers dynamic than ever.

The 3 distinct variations in 13 card online rummy games are – Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy. The core objective of all the three rummy variations remains the same- melding your cards to make valid sets and sequences and declare them first among all to win the game. However, the ways and means of attaining this objective is what sets them apart from one another.1. Points Rummy

Points Rummy attracts the largest audience among those who play online rummy for real money as it is the fastest rummy variations among the three. Each game lasts only one deal, so players get to play it quick and earn real money real even quicker. 

All players must play for a predetermined value by making valid sets and sequences and strive to declare their game first among all. The winner will receive zero points and accumulate winnings based on the total points accrued by all the losing players. 2. Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is seen as a more mature version of online rummy games as it is played with equal number of chips for real money. Each chips carries one point and all players are ranked according to the chip count at the end of the game. 
Deals Rummy is played as a best of X deals that typically lasts 2 or 3 rounds and the winner is the one who has maximum chips at the end of the predetermined number of deals and hence, receives all chips equal to the summing point of all losing players. 3. Pool Rummy

As the name suggests, Pool Rummy is played by pooling in a certain entry fee by all participants that collectively forms the prize pool. Out of all online rummy game variations, this one is further halved into two kinds.

101 and 201 Pool Rummy

101 and 201 are cut off points in each rummy variation. This means whichever variant you choose to play, players will be eliminated as soon as they reach the cut-off point or more- 101 or 201. The last standing player in the game receives zero points and receives the sum total of the prize pool in his/her kitty. 

All these three rummy variations creates an interesting dynamicfor those who like to play online rummy for real money.

All the rummy variations are simple and yet exciting when played for real money. With the heightened spread of the game in the recent times, it is wise to play online rummy for real money only on a legit portal that respects your passion for the game and rewards you in real time.

RummyBaazi: An Online Portal with Exciting Promotions

Talking about legit portals of online rummy games, RummyBaazi has been an underdog that has risen to fame in the shortest span of time. Launched in 2018, the online rummy site has received accolades for hosting player centric tournaments for real money and premium rewards.

Players can enjoy scores of online rummy games and tournaments for excellent buy-ins and win exciting rewards in both cash and kind. Players can play exciting online cash games across all the three rummy variations and win premium rewards from its Loyalty Program besides earning quick money.

Win Loyalty Rewards worth up to 2LACS• Play online rummy for real money in cash games of any three rummy variations.• Collect points to win Reward Points and unlock premium rewards from the Baazi Rewards casket• Rewards are distributed across 20 different levels, collectingenough Reward Points can you help unlock them for free• Baazi Rewards include real cash prizes worth 2LACs and premium prizes such as Travel packages worth 70K, cool gadgets and flagship smartphones.• Online rummy cash games are available for as low as INR 4 on RummyBaazi.

So, as you can see, the prospects of playing online rummy for real money are pretty huge and with multiple variations to explore today, online rummy games in India get more rewarding than ever. 

Relieve good old memories from childhood in a completely new and thrilling environment and bring lots of winnings and uncontested rewards your way. All the best!



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