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eWebGuru Vs Other Web Hosting Provider

Planning to avail hosting service from eWebGuru and still confused a bit about their reliability and trustworthiness then this article would guide you in the right path. 

When it comes to web hosting service, there are several factors to look out before availing it. Judging a web host provider only based on their pricing tag would be the biggest foolish thing to do. Each and every hosting service provider has their own set of plans and server resources. Webmaster and site owners need to analysis the plans and previous track record of the web host service provider before being engaged with their services. 

Here in this article, we are going to elaborate on the factors that make eWebGuru superior to other webhosting providers in India.  

About eWebGuru

eWebGuru – The reliable and trustworthy web solution provider in India founded by the online entrepreneur Mr. Ashok Arora. The company starts offering web solutions since 2003 and currently it servicing more than 25,000 clients all over India. Several government offices, semi-government offices and corporate are the loyal clients of eWebGuru. 

With the mission of offering quality web services to the clients, the eWebGuru manages to develop its competitive power over the years. By doing so, it successfully preserves their loyal clients and strengthens its reputation factor in the industry. All the web solutions offered by the company eWebGuru can be availed at an affordable price, which is hard to find such quality services for such competitive price from other hosting providers. 

Why Choose eWebGuru?

The competition prevailing in the hosting industry is currently intense. With the arrival of innovative technology in the web services, it is essential for the host providers to be updated to date with their tech in order to survive and to attract more potential customers. 

Here is the list of attractive and peculiar factors that outshines eWebGuru host provider from other hosting providers

  • Clients offered with Tier 4 Data Center
  • eWebGuru provides the fastest hosting servers
  • eWebGuru’s server network latency below 30 Milliseconds
  • Xx server located in NAP of the Americans, in Miami Florida
  • eWebGuru’s server facility utilizes CISCO-only routers and Switches

eWebGuru Vs Other Hosting, Reasons To Choose eWebGuru

    1. Specialties and Area of Focus:  eWebGuru understands what their clients required and design their plans accordingly. 
    2. Advanced Technology: eWebGuru has plans for every type of websites and advanced tech specs.  With eWebGuru, webmasters can host e-commerce sites, blogs, financial sites, CMS based sites, video sites, and so. eWebGuru has a server that suits to host all types of sites. 
    3. Durable Hardware: eWebGuru has superior hardware in the hosting industry, with such high-quality hardware they guarantee 100% reliability and 99.9% uptime. 


  • High Reputation: Over the years, the eWebGuru delivers the best in hosting industry owing to that it gained a high level of reputation among its clients. To be frank, reputation is a big factor for the hosting industry. 
  • Future Proof for your Site: eWebGuru matches with the growing digital world and it has been in the vogue for more than 15 years in the hosting industry. Hosting sites with eWebGuru will be future proof.  


Hosting Packages of eWebGuru

The company offers a wide range of hosting option with affordable plans that can suits well for clients needs. Unlike other hosting servers, the eWebGuru hosting plans start with affordable price that can beneficial for new sites to start surviving online. 

Here are the lists of hosting packages offered by eWebGuru

  1. Windows Hosting:  Hosting comes the features 1 Click easy installations of various apps, 99% uptime, easy to use control panel, Free site builder, 24/7/365 premium support from expertise customer support center. Here are the lists of plans offered by eWebGuru under Windows hosting


  • The Economy plan – Rs.995/year
  • Starter Plan – Rs.2,195/year
  • Basic Plan – Rs.4,295/year
  • Professional Plan – Rs.7,995/year


  1. LINUX Hosting: Hosting comes with the features Unlimited Database, Free Site Builder, Programming Support, Wide range of Security Features, variety of Frameworks and so. Offered by eWebGuru under LINUX Hosting


  • Bronze Plan – Rs. 1295 / Year
  • Silver Plan – Rs.1995 / Year
  • Gold Plan – Rs. 3195 / Year
  • Diamond Plan – Rs.5995 / Year


  1. VPS Hosting: eWebGuru is the leading and oldest VPS Hosting provider in India. The VPS server of eWebGuru powered by SolusVM, SSD Disk, Tier 4 Datacenter, variety of  VPS panel features, Linux Distros and so. Plans offered by eWebGuru under LINUX hosting


  • Startup VPS – Rs. 700/Month (3 years)
  • Basic VPS – Rs. 1100/Month (3 years)
  • Value VPS – Rs. 1500/Month (3 years)
  • Premium VPS – Rs. 1900/Month (3 years)
  • Power VPS – Rs. 2400/Month (3 years)
  • Extreme VPS – Rs. 2900/Month (3 years)
  • Ultimate VPS – Rs. 3500/Month (3 years)


  1. LINUX Reseller: LINUX Reseller hosting of eWebGuru comes with unlimited features. These unlimited features fit for all those 4 plans. LINUX Reseller plans offered by eWebGuru


  • Budget Reseller – Rs. 4975 / Year
  • Advance Reseller – Rs. 19,950 / Year
  • Power Reseller – Rs. 29,950 / Year
  • Ultimate Reseller – Rs. 39,950 / Year


  1. Java Hosting: Java hosting offered by eWebGuru comes with Apache Tomcat Server which is advanced and all the plans under Java hosting comes with attractive features. Plans under Java hosting


  • Java One – Rs. 249.58/Month (1 year)
  • Java Two – Rs. 332.92/Month (1 year)
  • Java Three – Rs. 146.25/Month (1 year)
  • Java Four – Rs. 499.58/Month (1 year)


  1. Dedicated Server: eWebGuru offers Indian Dedicated Server located in India Tier IV Datacentre, which is advanced in the hosting industry. Plans offered under Dedicated Hosting by eWebGuru


  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 (Quad-Core, 1TB SATAII Drive, 16GB RAM) for Rs. 5995 / Month
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 (Quad-Core, 2TB SATAII Drive, 16GB RAM) for Rs. 6450 / Month
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 (Quad-Core, 1TB SATAII Drive, 32GB RAM) for Rs. 7495 / Month
  • Intel E5-2630 (Hexa Core, 1TB SATAII Drive, 32GB RAM) for Rs. 8995 / Month
  • Intel E5-2630 (Hexa Core, 1 TB SATAII Drive, 64GB RAM) for Rs. 10,950 / Month
  • Intel 2 x E5-2640 (Dual Hexa Core, 1TB SATAII Drive, 32GB RAM) for Rs. 13,950 / Month



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