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Excitement takes the form of Memes prior to the anticipated announcement of iOS 15

There is always something in the world to be excited about. And although it might sound quite ironic in a world struck by the pandemic, there are even things to be hopeful and expectant about. The echoes of this excitement and expectation are very well heard on Twitter prior to the anticipated announcement of iOS 15 or so we hope. Apple loves to keep people on the edge of their seats, and the old charm is working. The anticipation is on the brim, and the suspense is opening doors for speculations and guesses, some of them bordering on hilarious.

And with the speculations on the rise, Twitter has another name to add to the trending list, and the wave of memes and jokes are crashing and hitting the social media walls adding to the excitement and wonder.

Here is a compilation of the memes and responses from Twitter, reflecting the excitement of users, while they polish their guessing skills in addition to their meme-making skills.

It is lip-biting serious, and people are already out with an all-new emoji.

Sometimes it is quite hard to differentiate between sarcasm, joke, and fact.

Looks like things are getting pretty dramatic.

Boredom is a major issue to be taken into consideration these days.

Twitter is the oracle of truth these days.

You never know what is in store.

And then there are people like this

Things might get a bit shaky.

You never know what you might need.





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