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Apple WWDC 2021 Event – Live Blog Updates
Apple WWDC 2021 Event Has Been Set To Commence On 7th June 10:30 PM IST & Many Apple lovers are waiting to see what Apple has got new for 2021 lineup, checkout our live blog updates to know more

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference for 2021 also called Apple WWDC 2021 will go out with the customary opening, that you can watch today. The presentation event by Apple begins at 10 a.m. PDT/5 p.m. UTC and is likely to be lengthy owing to the amount of announcements scheduled. Apple said to reveal updates to its new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, TV, and Smart Home gadgets, as well as two new MacBooks running Apple Silicon. Stay tuned with us as here we will cover the whole story for the event in the form live blog as they unfold.

12:20 PM – Apple Promises The Release For Public Beta By July

Apple Promises The Release For Public Beta By July

Apple Promises The Release For Public Beta By July

By the end of the event, Tim Cook shared a promise by Apple claiming that the updates for the new Mac OS Monterey, Watch OS 8, iPad OS, iOS 15 will be available as a public beta by July and by the end of this year most of Apple devices will get the support for the new versions.

12:04 PM – Developer Technologies

With new developer technologies Apple brings supports for new API including object capturing through which with a series of 2D images you can create a 3D object.

Through which users can make use more 3D tech stuffs.

Swift is another focus by Apple and now Apple brings “concurrency” through which developers develop new Apple apps with faster and simpler  way.

Getting to the Apple store, Apple store brings support for product pages, in-app events (through which users can be notified with app launch events) and also the event will be featured on Apple widgets also.

Introducing to xclode cloud, xclode cloud through which you can upload your app in cloud and even share with testers to test your app.

Testflight comes to Macs – Through testflight you can test your app.

11:51 PM – Mac OS Monterey

Mac OS Monterey

Mac OS Monterey

Apple Mac OS brings the support for Monterey. Mac OS will also be bringing support to announced apps like share play, quick notes, portrait supporting face time and lot more.

Introduction to universal control, with the universal control you can control your mac, ipad and anything just through your keyboard and mouse even if it is not connected.

You can even drag and drop files from one apple device to other apple devices as well. It brings effortless transfer of files in effortless way.

Mac OS Monterey

Mac OS Features

Airplay gets support for Mac and with your mac you can share, play and lot more stuffs making it more fluid to work across.

Safari browsers gets a new layout showing a simple and non-cluttering tab design through which you can group tabs, rename tabs and even your tab groups gets updated to all of your Apple devices.

Safari browser with Mac OS also gets support for extensions as well.

11:45 PM – Apple Home

Apple Home

Apple Home Complete Features

Apple home is yet another focus made by Apple for enhancements.

With Apple home, you can use Apple home key to unlock your home. Apple home also gets support for share play through which you can share and watch your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends.

For All of you – Through this feature you can apply dedicated page for your each family member as per their favorites. Apple home is also get certain enhancements for kitchen related stuffs.

Apple home also brings connection to Apple watch through which you can have a look at what happening around your house.

11:38 PM – Apple Watch OS 8

Apple Watch OS 8

Apple Watch OS 8 Complete Features

Apple Watch OS 8 will bring enhancement in breathe app for concentrated medication through gentle animation.

Sleep app gets enhancements where you can measure your respiratory rate which is quite new to wear OS.

Apple fitness+ introduces new feature of workouts bringing strength, fit body and lot more. Also, you can enjoy artist spotlight features through you can enjoy the best experience with your workouts.

Apple watch OS 8 also brings support for “watch face” where from your iphone you can put your images.

You can also share images with other and even apply scribbles to send images as well.

11:28 PM – Step Towards Health By Apple

Step Towards Health By Apple

Step Towards Health By Apple

Apple been collaborating with many health enthusiasts and takes a new step towards health enhancements.

Through which Apple has brought some new enhancements in the medical gadgets including Apple watch.


Apple has brought new enhancement with Mobility including steadiness through Apple watch can detect your speed, steps, time taken to take a steps and lot more stuffs in mobility tag of your iPhone.

Mobility apps also brings exercise videos to help in improving steadiness.

Other Enhancements

Enhancements by Apple includes testing cholesterol, glucose and lot more stuffs with the help of a new feature called Trends.

You can also share your data with doctor and it will shared securely.

Now you can also share your family members and connect with your family member’s health status. Health data shared will be end-to-end encrypted as well.

11:20 PM – Step Towards Privacy By Apple

Step Towards Privacy By Apple

Step Towards Privacy By Apple

Starting with mail app , Apple introduced  mail protection through which your mail can hide your IP address and lot more.

Safari also get privacy updates including hiding your IP address.

App privacy report were introduced which shows what all third party apps used your device through camera, microphone and lot of stuffs.

icloud enhances its privacy improvements which includes account recovery through you can add your family and friends and if you forget anything

Digital legacy through which you can make your family members to access your icloud if you aren’t there to use it.

iCloud + – Paid Subscription By Apple

Apple introduces new icloud+ subscription through which you can enjoy enhanced privacy features like hiding search queries, hide your email, built support homekit secure video through which you  connect security camera.

11:09 PM – iPad OS 15

iPad OS 15

iPad OS 15 Complete Features

Apple has brought biggest changes with iPad OS 15, starting with widgets tab.

From which you can just add, personalize and separate widgets for gaming, productivity, images and however you may want it.


New multitasking menu gets unveiled through you can switch apps and move to homescreen in a smoother way.

Also, you can multitask it like a computer where you can minimize the apps to shelves and even has added a lot of productivity features as well.


You can use shortcuts like tag, through which you can use it search on safari browser and also you can copy links, take texts and do lot of stuffs in your finger tips.

All this happened with Quick note features.


Apple has also brought translate feature through which you can learn a new language and also with auto detecting you can speak any language and the iPad understands tells on which languages its communicated.

Swift Playground

Through swift playground you can code and built apps through iPad. It also comes with codes suggestion through you can get suggested codes before completing the code.

You can also directly submit the created app through switch playground for Apple store.

11:05 PM – Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods New Features Introduced With iOS 15

Apple AirPods New Features Introduced With iOS 15

Apple AirPods has been brought conversation pro feature which helps in hearing a conversation even better.

With the help of Siri, now you can get use the Air Pods to schedules your works, calendar timing and even read important messages as well.

Now, spatial audio which was announced last year with Airpods is now also extended to MacOS (M1 Powered) and even for TV OS as well.

Also, you can use the Apple music with dolby atmos support.

11:02 PM – Apple Maps


Apple maps gets extended to countries like Europe, Ireland and lot more stuffs. Apple Maps comes with new animation making its more interesting to exploring a city as well.

New animation also works with night time and even you can see upcoming traffic conditions as well.

Apple maps is also gets the support for augmented reality support through which you can explore the city. For now, Apple maps with 3D support will be available in places like London Los Angeles and lot more.

11:00 PM – New Weather App

New Weather App With iOS 15

New Weather App Introduced With New Weather Based Features With iOs 15

Weather app get a new features through which now Apple weather app will be able to show graphics on which the current weather is about.

10:57 PM – Apple Wallet


Apple also brings enhanced Apple wallet which tends to replace physical wallet, besides of Apple pay Apple wallet also includes support for  keys as well, through which you can unlock your car, house, and even hotel room as well.


Apple joins with many giants including Disney+, Hyatt hotels and eve BMW to spread its support for Apple wallet with full security.

10:36 PM – Introduction iOS 15

Introduction iOS 15

Introduction iOS 15 Image Credits: Apple

Apple started with iOS 15 is promised to have lot of the features which is divided in staying connected, finding focus, using intelligence and exploring the world.

Introduction iOS 15

iOS 15 Complete Features

This includes changes and enhancements and introduction for new apps and features which includes Face time, share play, messages, notification shade, Spotlight and more.

Face Time

Enhancements Done With Face Time For iOS 15

Enhancements Done With Face Time For iOS 15 Image Credits: Apple

Face Time comes under stay connected feature. During the pandemic, video calls were one among the mostly used apps. However, for this year Apple has enhanced their

Spatial Audio: Apple Face time will be including spatial audio, which show from where you can see whose speaking as they will be highlighted.

Voice isolation: Through voice isolation, you can cut of the surrounding voices as well

Wide Spectrum: Sometimes we might need

Video: Introducing portrait mode for Video calls

Face Time links: With this links you can send the links via messages and even schedule a meeting on calendar. Also, Apple promises its face time links is end to end encrypted.

Share Play

New Feature Introduced Called Share Play With iOS 15

New Feature Introduced Called Share Play With iOS 15

With share play can you listen or watch something together and share your screen just through a face time call.

Through share play you can also watch web series with your friends without any interruptions.

You can also share your moments on Apple TV as well.

New Feature Introduced Called Share Play With iOS 15

With Share Play You Can Listen Together, Watch Together, And Share You Screen as well

Apple has also partnered with Disney+, Hulu, Espn+, Tiktok and lot of the platforms making its possible to share with your favorite stuffs through Face time.


Improvements In Messages App In iOS 15

Improvements In Messages App In iOS 15

Apple has introduced new changes with Apple imessages apps with new layout and features. Also, all the articles, pictures and musics which have shared through “Share with you”

Changes In Notification Section

Changes In Notification Section For iOS 15

Changes In Notification Section For iOS 15

Notification also stands as the most important part while using your smartphone. Now, Apple is said to bring a features on notification center which including scheduling notification, do not disturb and also showing important messages.

With do not disturb mode the sender will be remind as well and if you have a urged message it can be sent as well.

Focus Feature For Notification

Focus Feature For Notification

Focus Feature For Notification In iOS 15

You can dedicate a notification on your personal, work life. Through focused notification you can schedule which all the notification you need while you are working or spending time with your family.

Applying changes to iPhone will also get extended to

Live Text

Through Live text features which is used to take the text from images with its AI intelligence. You can use Spotlight feature to get any text or data from a picture including a phone number, locations and lot more.

Live text is even capable to recognize objects, scenes and many objects.


Spotlight Feature In Apple iOS 15

Spotlight Feature In Apple iOS 15 Image Credits: Apple

Through spotlight you can find a text inside a photo saved in your gallery. Spotlight can  also be used to find some some texts inside calendar appointments, notes and in many other places as well.

Photos Memories

Photos Memories Feature In Apple iOS 15

Photos Memories Feature In Apple iOS 15

Through photos memory feature, Apple iPhone becomes capable to showcase photos in the memory format and even adds a suitable music by itself with the help of AI.

You can also take suggestions of music according to you music taste as well. Also, photos memories can create some of the best slideshows by itself as well.

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