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Facebook now lets you transfer notes and posts directly to Blogger, WordPress & Google Docs


Source: FoneArena.com

There is a lot that has been happening with Facebook lately with all its “Social Audio” products, support for COVID-19 vaccination, reopening of offices and much more. Amidst all this, there is one more announcement that the company has made which involves seamless data transfers. Yes, the social media conglomerate now lets you transfer your posts and notes directly from the application to third-party services such as Google Docs, WordPress and Blogger for better productivity.

As mentioned in multiple reports, with the updation of this new data portability feature, Facebook Inc. has also renamed its services as “Transfer Your information”. This announcement comes almost a month after Apple announced a similar service to Apple users that grants them some relief and allows users to transfer and back up their photos and videos to Google Photos, as mentioned in a report by Hindustan Times.

However, this is not the first time that Facebook has allowed access and data transfer to a third-party application or service. In fact, the recent update is just an extension of the company’s previous efforts to make productivity seamless with the Facebook application. According to multiple reports, the social media giant already allows transferring posts and notes to Google Photos, Dropbox, Koofr and Backblaze. Apart from this, WordPress is a very handy tool used by a major percentage of users publishing information and content on their websites and blog posts. Blogger is another such tool that allows users to share their in-depth information with the world through content writing. Having both of these tools supported within the “Transfer Your information” service by Facebook Inc. allows seamless data transfers keeping user experience in mind.

They talk about data transferring from Facebook, what about privacy and security? While this question might pop up in your head, Facebook ensures that you do the task with proper encryptions and security. The social media conglomerate asks users to enter their passwords before initiating the transfer between these services. The data will certainly be fully encrypted while it is in transit to block third-party access that might hamper your privacy.

Go to Facebook Settings> Click on “Find your Information”> “transfer your information”> enter the password and you are good to go.

Anyhow, in recent events, Facebook is diving deep into audio-based products leveraging the hidden potential of the market. The company’s alleged Clubhouse competitor has also been introduced and is speculated to hit the markets by the end of May.



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