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How to use facial feature in Zoom meetings?

As the pandemic hit the world, video conferencing apps have gained a lot more downloads than usual. Be it Skype, Google Duo, or zoom. These applications have been basic amenities for the people who have been working from home. 

However, the zoom has gained the most popular among all these applications and has been tagged as the most user-friendly video-conferencing application. 

Zoom facial feature

An essential –

The application can hold up to 500 guests in one room, and the host can either set the meeting as private or share the link of the meeting for public interactions. Zoom has many such interesting features that make it one of the mainstream apps in today’s times. One of such features that have turned out to be really fun is the virtual facial feature.

Connecting virtually through the Zoom app

In this, one can change their facial appearances by changing their eyebrows, mustache/beard, and the Colour of their lips. These further can be customized according to how an individual wants to have, like, the color of the eyebrows lips, and other features can either be chosen from the default colors, or they can be set to more customized colors using the color wheel. 

In addition to all these, one can also choose the transparency of the facial features. The user can decide whether they want their facial features to be opaque or to be a little transparent. In a previous article, we have extensively covered the topic.

Using the facial features in Zoom –

These are the following steps that one can use to activate the virtual facial feature of zoom.

Zoom facial feature

Image Credit – The Verge

  1. Firstly, start with updating the zoom app and login into the account using your credentials.
  2. Then go into video mode, and at the bottom, an option of “stop video” will be there, click on the small arrow just above the text.
  3. You shall see a pop-up menu appearing with options “choose virtual background” and “choose video filter.” Click on any one of these, and you shall be directed onto the same page. Choose the option of “studio effects” on the bottom right corner.
  4. After clicking on one of these options, the page or pop-up will show various facial features and their subtypes, showing the structures of the facial features.
  5. Now select the facial features you want, and you can choose between the default colors or choose and customize colors using the Colour wheel.
  6. At the bottom, you can also locate the opacity adjuster using which you can increase or decrease the opacity of the chosen facial feature.
  7. Remember that all these changes in your facial feature will be shown in real-time in the video calls. So choose wisely!
  8. Now, if you want to, by default, keep the facial feature in all the forthcoming video calls, you can check the box of “studio effects.” 

So this is how you can activate facial features in the zoom, and using the same process, one can add the virtual background. 


Let us know what you think about this facial feature in Zoom. You can also write within the comments if you would like any specific How-to guide! Until then, enjoy your virtual meetings.



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