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Flying Car FAQs: When Can Your Car Really Fly?

The industrial revolution started many years ago. This reform brought many changes to our lifestyle. The machines started to ease our work and then automation is taking over. Same was the case in the transportation industry. It all started with a small car that was just capable of taking few passengers from point to the other.

In the recent years, the advancement in technology has enabled the car manufacturers to develop more efficient cars. Traditional manufacturers are trying to compete with the technology companies who are designing the next stage in concept cars.

The development of technology has made the construction of driverless vehicles easy. There are many companies like Google, Toyota, Uber that are working on driverless vehicles.

But there are a few who decided to take a step further and develop flying cars.

The current trend

The cars are getting smarter day by day and they can can even stop automatically if they encounter any obstacle in their path. Mercedes has developed a technology which enables the driver to change the lane by just using the indicator for over two seconds.

While companies are working on ensuring the safety of passengers in case of any accidents, they are also working on technology that will enable the car to predict the accidents. If it detects that some accidents are likely to occur then it will automatically adjust the cabins for minimum impact.

Tesla recently developed the “autopilot” feature. They also developed the feature which enables the customer to “summon” their cars. The cars would automatically start the engine, open the garage door, and meet you in a driveway.

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Waze has developed the cars through which the drivers can communicate with each other. It is expected that in near future the cars might also communicate with each other. They might share the traffic route. They might also decide the best route between two points depending on all the information.

The flying cars

The advancement of technology has enabled the car manufacturers to go one step further and work on flying cars. Ford is also rumored to be working on flying car. Terrafugia is expected to launch the flying car model in 2018.

The real flying car is still some time away but significant development has been made in this sector. The companies expect that the flying cars would overtake the regular cars in future. It also an effective way to reduce the road traffic.

Flying cars

Uber’s flying car

Uber has already developed the driverless cars. But now the company aims to go one step further to develop “flying cars” by 2020. The company is rumored to be working on the road style car that can turn themselves into aircraft.

Toyota’s flying car

Toyota aims at using the flying car in 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. The company wants to develop a car that can make a transition from regular car to flying car. The company will use the flying car for the delivery of Olympic torch for its last leg to officially open the Olympic games.

1. How safe are these cars?

There are many questions that could be asked regarding the safety of these cars. The big challenge is what to do when things go wrong in mid-air. In the regular car, you can stop but in the flying car, it might fall killing all the passengers.

The companies are trying to use the parachute to remove this problem. But, then the user will have no control where the car will land if something goes wrong.

Flying cars

2. How fast are these cars?

Yes, the flying car would certainly reduce the travel duration. It is expected that the speed of 100 miles per hour could be achieved by flying cars. Also, not to forget that the distance would also reduce substantially as there would be nor roads restriction.

3. How easy is it?

It is expected that flying a car4 is much easier than driving. It is because the driver will have more space in the air. Also, the driver will have 3D space to move his car rather than 2D in the case of roads.

4. How much will it cost?

The idea is still not implemented. So, nothing could be said about the exact cost. But, one thing is sure that it5 will cost a lot of money. Owning the flying cars will be a luxury to the users.

5. How much time is left before you can fly?

The real flying car is still a long time away but a substantial effort has been put to make it real.

Here is a video about 4 real flying cars that actually fly!

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