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The Geometry Of Logo Designs

The main purpose of a logo is to reach out to its audience in the most simplest and relate-able ways. Using geometry in the logo design brings a sense of familiarity to the viewers as geometrical shapes is something that we all know and have grown up seeing everywhere around.

The most important reason why geometry is used in logo designs is because of the symbolism or meaning which it imparts to the logo and the brand. Each shape has its own worth and meaning. For example, the circle depicts stability, wholeness, strength and unity since it meets its ends. Lets see few logos and logo design company who have used geometry successfully, with each of them standing out.

1. Microsoft (Square)

In August 2012, Microsoft introduced a new logo which incorporated a bright, multicolored Windows symbol. The four squares, consisting of the familiar Windows colour, tend to portray the diverse portfolio of the company’s products. The jagged edges and perfect geometric proportions of the square associates us with things that provide security, comfort, efficiency, balance and boundaries. The colours used are powerful and talk about variety. The square is simple with no skew and  the smaller squares make a big, complete square giving out the very simple brand philosophy that how several softwares and apps make for a one single ‘Windows.’

geometric logos


 Logos like Facebook, Lego, Zomato are some of the names which have used the square element.

2. National Geography (Rectangle)

According to Quora, ‘the rectangle represents a photo frame. The motto of National Geographic is inspiring people to care about the planet. The color yellow represents the sun without which our planet would not be as it is today. Yellow is also the color associated with knowledge and wisdom.’

 But the main reason why the yellow stands out is because of the well structured boundary given by the rectangle. It is bold and powerful grasping people’s attention. This is a perfect example of how a simple geometry shape with a colour exudes elegance yet magnanimity.

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Tumblr, Nickelodean and Hewlett Packard are examples of some other logos which have the rectangle shape in their logos.

geometric logos


3. Vodafone (Circle)

The Vodafone logo was designed within a circle where the speech-mark in the emblem symbolizes conversation and voice communication. It wonderfully executes an iconic telecom brand that portrays its desired message through a graphically elegant medium. The red color in the Vodafone logo represents talking, sound and passion.

Circle used tend to project a positive emotional message. It is suggesting community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Its closed bounded feature ensures a guarantee and security. The communication process is well executed if the circle is completed of the message sent which is symbolized here.

geometric logos


The other logos which have the circle are NASA, Motorola and Google Chrome.

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4. Adidas (Triangle)

Adidas’s new logo aptly represent the mountain, like it is challenging the people who buy Adidas products to push themselves to their limits. The peak of triangle depicts the summit to be reached or achieved. A triangle is sharp and bounded by strong lines showing the strength. Simple yet powerful!

geometric logosSource

geometric logos


The other triangular logos are Toblerone, Google Play and Google Drive.



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